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10 Hilarious Pranks To Play On Your College Roommates

10 Hilarious Pranks To Play On Your College Roommates

Posted by Tyler Ward on

  1. Wait until your roommate is away for a couple of days (eg. over a weekend). Get into their room and pour water all over their floor so that its all damp. Then sprinkle loads of cress seeds all over the floor. When your friend comes back, the floor will have cress growing all over it.
  2. If you have a communal living room at college, move all of your roommates possessions and furniture into the communal area and turn it into their bedroom.
  3. If your college living area has a communal shower, twist off the shower head and fill it up with gravy granules. Then screw it back on and wait for them to have a shower.
  4. Fill your roommates room with balloons. This is an even better prank if you fill one of the balloons with soup or beans.
  5. Swap two of your college roommates rooms over. Put their belongings in each other's rooms.
  6. Swap the contents of the communal kitchen with someone's bedroom.
  7. Hide your college roommates’ clothes in the freezer.
  8. Turn all of your college friend's clothes inside out and put them back on the hangers.
  9. Tie two door opposing door handles together so neither person can get out. Leave a bit of slack so they can figure out what’s going on while you laugh at them.
  10. Use a powerful pesticide to write messages on the grass area outside the dorm room flats.


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