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11 Best College Prank Ideas

11 Best College Prank Ideas

Posted by Tyler Ward on

Here are some great practical joke prank ideas to play at college or university. They make great college dorm pranks and are very funny prank ideas to play on dormitory roommates on April Fools Day. College life is the golden period of our lives. Living in a college or university dorm, playing funny pranks on your roommates, and making a mess of the dorm is just part of all the fun.  You can make some of the funniest memories of your life. Here are some of the best college prank ideas around.


  1. Arm yourself with a camera with a flash and a cap gun. At 2 a.m., knock at the people's doors and as soon as they open the door, take a picture with one hand and shoot the cap gun pointing to them and run away. They will think for a moment that they have been shot at.
  2. Ask your victim to let you crack 3 eggs for their head for 100 dollars. If he/she says 'yes', crack two eggs rubbing all the yolk well on them and then walk off saying, you don't want to crack the third egg and thus, you don't owe them the promised money.
  3. Empty your friend's shampoo bottle and put baby oil in it instead. Next time, they rush in the bath to shampoo their hair; they will come out with oily slick look.
  4. If there is only one toilet on your floor, lock it from inside using a rope trick after putting a pair of old boots in them as if someone is sitting on the seat. See how people will keep rattling about it all throughout the day.
  5. If your roommate is a deep sleeper, just carry him or her off with a few friends to the middle of the campus when he is sleeping. Imagine his surprise when he/she wakes up to see so many people gathered around his/her bed.
  6. Put superglue on someone's slippers and see them struggle to get it off from their feet!
  7. Set the 4:00 am wake up alarm in the victim's alarm clock and hide it in the corner of the closet and remember to sleep in your room.
  8. You may cause the panic in the middle of the night by putting a cigarette close to a smoke alarm.
  9. Take a bunch of grapes and put one grape on everything in the fridge, including bottles, cold meat packets, juice cans, beer cans, butter and everything else there is in the middle of the night. Repeat it two or three times so you can see the real irritation on everyone else's face who is using the fridge.
  10. Take a long piece of chemistry tubing and tie a knot at one end. Fill it with water and carry it to the victim's room and insert the open end under the door and flood it.
  11. Take an extra large glass of water. Ask your friend to place hands on a table with their palm facing downwards. Put a glass on the top of one hand and ask them whether it hurts or not. If they say 'No', then ask them to put one hand on top of the other and put the glass on top of it. Then leave the room with a big smile on the face.


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