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The 8 Best Mail Order Pranks

The 8 Best Mail Order Pranks

Posted by Tyler Ward on

Want to get revenge... anonymously? Of course you do, that’s why you’re here. And there are a growing number of startups giving you the opportunity to prank your friends, or enemies, completely undetected. These are mail order pranks.

It’s genius, and super easy.

So without further ado, here are 8 of the best mail order pranks money can buy.

#1 Prank Candles

Obviously. And who better to order them from than, well, us!

Layered candles that look (and smell) all sweet and innocent, then 40% of the way down let off some serious stink. About an hour or two of heaven, then hours upon end of HELL.

#2 Nothing

What would be more disheartening than receive a lovely looking parcel in the mail only to discover there’s sweet FA inside?

Nothing much tops that.

Ship Your Friends Nothing offers a variety of different ways to send them absolutely nothing. With prices ranging from $3.99 to $12.99 you can send your friends a variety of emptiness, from a normal sized envelope to a box, complete with packing peanuts.

#3 Glitter

This mail prank did the rounds on social media a few years ago when people started receiving exploding envelopes of glitter.

Glitter, also know as the herpes of the craft world (I shit you not), is notorious for being impossible to clean up. To which anyone with kids will attest.

So sending a bomb full of glitter, courtesy of Ship Your Enemies Glitter, is the perfect prank.

You send $10 (AUS), around $8 US, sit back and wait for a non threatening letter to pop up in your victim’s mail box.

As they open the letter, BAM, the bomb goes off and chaos ensues.

In fact, the site went viral so quickly the original founder ending up selling it for $85,000 a mere month after he started.

People love a glitter bomb.

#4 A Bag of Dicks

My favourite, thing, ever.

Send an anonymous bag of dicks to whomever you choose thanks to For the bargain price of $15 your friend/enemy/frenemy/mom will receive a 5oz bag of gummy penises with a lovely note attached which says “eat a bag of dicks”.


#5 The Card that NEVER Ends


Remember those birthday cards that play annoying songs/messages every time you open them. Yeah? Now imagine that, constantly.

That’s what the guys over at The Card that Never Ends have made. The cards never stop playing music, so you have to get pretty creative about destroying it.

The batteries last for three hours, which may not seem like a long time, but have you ever listened to something on repeat for three hours, against your will?!

#6 A Potato

Wait. THIS one is my favourite.

You can send a potato in the mail. Just a potato. With some stamps on.

This genius prank will set you back just $9.99. I mean, a bargain in my eyes.

#7 An Envelope of Mayo

I don’t know about you but I’ve always wanted to send someone I hate an envelope of mayonnaise.

(I love mayo so this would definitely backfire if sent to me).

This one is a little pricier at $25, but it does come with a note to make your feelings as clear as mayo(?). The accompanying note will say “my hate for mayonnaise is only matched by my hate for you.”


#8 Actual Poo

I Poop You is a professional poop delivery service, sending high quality poop to that special someone in your life.

They pride themselves on providing their customers “high quality, farm raised, eco friendly, hand-picked animal poop”.

The prices range from $9-$19, depending on the type of crap you want. You can send anything from chicken or goat poo to horse shit. Cracking.

Get Posting

When it comes to postal pranking there are options galore! Whether you want to get some delayed gratification with a prank candle, or something a little more instant like a glitter bomb or actual animal poo, nothing is off limits when it comes to posting pranks.

And the best thing about it? No one will know it was you (unless you choose to reveal your identity of course). No matter what your budget you will find something (or nothing) to post your unsuspecting prankee.


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