Prank Your Mom - Ideas for Pranks to Pull on Mother's Day

Prank Your Mom - Ideas for Pranks to Pull on Mother's Day

Written by : Rebekah Donovan

Published On : April 28, 2016

Prank Your Mom - Ideas for Pranks to Pull on Mother's Day

It’s coming up to the mother’s day and what better way to show your mom how much you care than by scaring the crap out of her? She’s wiped your butt, cuddled you when you were sad and given up some of her best years to make sure you turned into a decent human.

So of course it’s time to show her how great you turned out, by pulling the best prank ever.  

Why Pranking Your Mom is the Best

Your mom is one of the only people on the planet who will love you, no matter what! So for this mother’s day you should show her how hilarious you are.

The best pranks are tried and tested hoaxes, jokes and tricks to keep your mom on her toes.

It can also be a little bit of revenge for all those times she told you no pudding until you’ve eaten your broccoli, and no video games until you’ve done your homework. It’s time to get your own back.

Disclaimer: I hold no responsibility, whatsoever, if these pranks end up in you getting hurt and/or disowned by your mother.

#1 Switch Up Her Sandwich

So, it’s mother’s day and you’re making her breakfast/brunch/coffee in bed because you’re such a loving child.

Does she love cream in her coffee? Swap it for mayo. Or as coffee is so dark, sneak some soy sauce in there. You can do exactly the same with:

  • Swapping avocado for wasabi in guacamole
  • Putting hot sauce in ketchup
  • Switching her favourite yoghurt for mayo.


The possibilities are endless, you’ve just got to get creative.

Be Aware: If your mom still cooks for’s pretty obvious, she’ll find a way to get you back.

#2 Fake Pregnancy Announcement

What better gift will your mom receive than being told she’s going to be a grandmother?

Go as elaborate as you like or keep it simple by leaving a positive pregnancy test in her bathroom. Whichever way will freak your mom out the most is the best.

Be Aware: This could backfire if she actually really wants you to be pregnant.

#3 Where’s the Toilet Roll?

Oh this one is so childish it makes my heart sing. Get hold of every single roll of toilet paper in the house and hide it. Be creative and hide them in the weirdest places you can think of.

  • The refrigerator
  • The shed
  • The dog’s bed
  • Bury it in the garden

Childish, funny and super frustrating for your mom.

Be Aware: She may choose to get her own toilet roll revenge in the future. I’d keep some tissues on your person at all times, just in case.

#4 Pranking Ninja

Got a nervous mom? Take inspiration from this YouTube sensation and follow her around, all day, jumping out when she least expects it.

Be Aware: if she has heart issues. Don’t do it. You want to prank her, not kill her.

#5 Treat, or Trick?

Obviously one of the best ways to prank your mom on mother’s day is through the gift you give her. Does she love candles? Who are we kidding, all mom’s love candles.

Why not get one of our very own prank candles, hitting her with some serious stink when she least expects it!

Be Aware: If you try and get her a candle in the future, she will never trust you again!


#6 Hot Shower

Some people get luxury hand bags for their moms for Mother's Day.  Some people buy their moms skin care.  There’s nothing more your mom will love than a hot shower with some beautiful soap you got her for mother’s day. The water is just heating up and she begins to smell last night’s soup.

Wait, the water is soup.

You’ll need to learn how to remove (and replace) the faucet, and fill the shower head with a whole load of last night’s soup.

Be Aware: You won’t have much to worry about with regards to the clean up as the water will eventually rinse through. Although you might need to offer to wash the bath or shower afterwards.

She’s Worth It

I’m sure that after all this pranking your mom will know you still love her, but I’d definitely have an ‘apology’ gift ready just in case, without a prank in sight.

Your mom will still love you no matter what….probably.




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