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2 Quick and Easy April Fools Day Car Pranks

2 Quick and Easy April Fools Day Car Pranks

Posted by Tyler Ward on

1) Funny April Fools Day Prank Cling Film Car Prank

An easy to pull, harmless prank for April Fools Day or any time is one with saran wrap or cling film. All you need is a few rolls of the stuff and then you get wrapping! It's great for wrapping up your friends cars and even better, wrapping them to lamp posts and street lights! When your victim comes back to their car, they'll have a bit of trouble getting in to it!




2) Easy Fall Leaves Car Prank - How To Make A Car Disappear

A great funny idea for a car prank on April Fools Day or anytime! It's a pretty easy prank to pull but you'll need a lot of leaves. This prank is great in autumn as there will be loads of leaves around.

These guys piled so many leaves on top of their mates car that you couldn't see it at all! Their friend would have got a bit of a surprise finding their car under a pile of leaves. It's a funny prank to pull on your friend's car, your bosses car, or your worst enemy's car!




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