3 Easy Prank Call Ideas that Any Prankster Can Pull Off

3 Easy Prank Call Ideas that Any Prankster Can Pull Off

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Do you love to make prank calls?

If yes, then you’re in the right place. Most pranksters love to make classic prank calls to other unsuspecting victims. These prank calls are very humorous and extremely funny. It gets all the more crazy when the person who’s your victim happens to be a friend. The idea of a prank call is to annoy or fool the prank call victim when he/she is least expecting it. If you manage to do so, then you’ve done just what a prank call demands. These are witty and fun, however not everybody is capable of successfully pulling off a prank call till the end. Most people laugh and ruin it.

More importantly, not everybody knows the best prank call ideas that have been played out by other master pranksters. We’ve composed an article describing some of the most incredibly funny and hilarious prank calls that were successfully pulled off.

So, if you think you’re not ready for a prank call, well think again.

What are some of the best prank call ideas?

  1. Is it Joe? This prank call requires you to call your target/victim and ask him/her it they’re Joe? Just make sure their name is not Joe. Once they deny that there is no one called Joe around, call them a few more times along the day and over the week and ultimately tell them that you have a message for Joe. At the end of the prank which is around a week later, call the same victim again and tell that you’re Joe and ask him if he has a message for you.
  2. Phrase Testing: Silly but effective, this prank call has been performed by several million people across the world. Call your victim and present yourself as an engineer or someone from the customer care department of your cell phone company. Tell them that you are “phrase testing” and then ask them to repeat weird things that you wish for them to say (ie. “My pants are pink and should be on fire” or “I like to eat Walrus babies.” Convince them to repeat whatever you say by stating that this is proper procedure and that it is required for phrase testing purposes.
  3. Confirmed Website Booking: This is a classic. This prank requires you to prank call someone and tell them that their “adult toy order” that they placed is in route their residential address. You can get pretty fancy and creative by describing the package that will never come.


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