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5 TV Pranks that Took April Fool’s Day to a Whole New Level

5 TV Pranks that Took April Fool’s Day to a Whole New Level

Posted by Tyler Ward on

Are you an April Fools’ Day fanatic?

Most April Fool's Day jokes are simple pranks that may give you a few temporary laughs but the following April Fool’s Day TV pranks have gone to a whole new level of entertainment and fun. April Fool’s Day is the best time of the year to prank someone on national TV but these particular TV shows and hosts decided to really notch it up.

Celebrating April Fool's and pranking is nothing new - the tradition of pulling pranks is said to have been celebrated since ancient times. People from all over the world play small time pranks on April Fool’s Day whether it is switching salt with sugar or playing around with plastic reptiles; it brings out a lot of fun and joy to everyone involved.

So what are the top 5 April Fool’s Day TV pranks of all time?

The following pranks were pulled off by some of the more popular TV shows, hosts and channels (directed towards their viewers) as BIG TIME April Fool's pranks. These pranks were extremely tricky and brilliant and they pranked several hundred thousand people at once.

  • Spaghetti Trees: This April Fools’ Prank was run by one of the television shows aired on BBC called Panorama. The prank was in the form of a telecast showing spaghetti being grown on trees by the Swiss people. A large number of people called up BBC and asked for the procedure to grow their own spaghetti on their trees.


  • Great Blue Hill eruption prank: This prank was played in 1980 by a popular television station based in Boston called WNAC-TV. They showed their viewers a small clip at the end of the 6 o clock news. The clip displayed the great blue hill in Massachusetts erupting. Just like that, people panicked and freaked out thus rendering the prank successful.


  • Smell – o – vision: Perhaps one of the funniest April Fools’ Day pranks ever, BBC told their viewers that they were testing a new technology that allowed odour to travel through air waves and the odor can be transmitted to the viewers all around. A lot of viewers rang up BBC and even congratulated the network on the success of the testing. This prank was once again repeated with an online version after a while BBC itself.


  • 2000 Sydney Olympics: This prank was originally a triple J radio prank. Australian morning show host Richard Wilkins overheard the prank and declared that the 2000 Sydney Olympics had been cancelled. The prank succeeded. However, the mistake was fixed and the show carried on as usual.


  • Swedish National Television: A special broadcast on the Swedish National Television asked their viewers to perform a set of instructions which would in turn render their normal black and white televisions into color televisions. As anticipated, thousands of people tried it, once again showing how hilarious April Fools’ Day pranks can be.



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