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6 Easy April Fools Day Pranks

6 Easy April Fools Day Pranks

Posted by Tyler Ward on

Here are some easy-to-do, funny pranks and practical jokes for April Fools Day (or anytime)!

1 - Fake Parking Tickets Prank


If you are good at graphic design, this one is for you. Design and make some fake parking tickets. Put them on your friends and family's cars and trucks or go out in the town and place them on anyone's cars! Wait and watch for their reaction when the victim returns to their car!

2 - Spewing Shower Head Prank


In a shared shower at home or at college, turn the shower head towards the door. When the next person turns the shower on, they will get soaked (hopefully they turn the shower on before they take their clothes off)!

3 - Late Alarm Clock Prank


Set an alarm clock for 3am. Hide the alarm clock under your kid's, family or friend's bed. They will be tearing down their room at 3am in a sleepy fit to shut it up.

4 - Sock Surprise Prank


Put toothpaste/shaving cream/whipped cram or any such thing in the socks of your roommates, friends or family. Make an escape before they try them on!

5 - Greasy Door Handle Prank


Rub liquid soap/Vaseline or baby oil onto the doorknobs of your victim's room or the door handles of their cars. You can also rub it on to their toilet seats. It makes them quite slippery and difficult to use. 

6 - Hole in a Cup Prank


Make a small hole just below the edge of a plastic disposable cup. Offer juice or another drink to your guests in a way that they would pick it up with the hole facing them. As soon as they will try to drink, the liquid will spill on them through the hole.


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