6 Easy Dorm Room Prank Ideas

6 Easy Dorm Room Prank Ideas

Posted by Tyler Ward on

Looking to play some very funny dorm room pranks on your college room mates? Here are some great suggestions for crazy dorm room pranks which will be hilarious!

  1. Get a few hundred paper or plastic cups. Fill each one with water and place them all over the floor of your flat mate's room. It will be a long process but when they get home and then have to empty each cup before they can walk across their floor will be hilarious to watch.
  2. The classic doors tied together prank. When there are two rooms with doors opposite each other, tie a strong rope to the door handles of each of them. Leave a bit of slack in the rope so that the doors will be able to be opened a tiny crack, but nothing more. Rapidly knock on both their doors and the victims will pull each other's doors trying to open theirs!
  3. If you really want to spoil someone's night, purchase a dozen of live crickets from a local pet store and release them all over the dorm room. Since they are very noisy, your prank victims will be sure to have bags around their eyes the next morning.
  4. A great college prank for Christmas time. Wait till your victim has gone home for the weekend. Go into their room and wrap up all their stuff with wrapping paper. You can wrap the table, chair, bed, closet, pillows, books and even stick wrapping paper on the walls, ceiling and floor! 
  5. When your roommate has gone home for the weekend, move all their stuff including their furniture into the common bathroom or kitchen. Arrange it all just as it was in their room.
  6. Filling your roommate's dorm room with funny items is a very amusing prank. When you do this prank, make sure you fill the entire room including on top of shelves and cupboards, on the bed and all over the floor. Some great ideas for funny things to fill your roommate's room with are pine cones, popcorn, disposable cups, scrunched up newspaper, leaves and balloons.


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