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9 Funny & Innocent Car Pranks

9 Funny & Innocent Car Pranks

Posted by Tyler Ward on

  1. Stick confetti to the whole car and in the air vents.
  2. Wrap the car with plastic cling film and spray silly string all over it.
  3. Take off the wheels of the car while the owner is not around.
  4. A car prank for winter - Throw wet cotton balls all over the car and wait for them to freeze.
  5. Spray the car with washable spray paint.
  6. Let down all the tires.
  7. Buy a bottle of coolant water, splash it around the radiator and the victim will think its leaking out of the car.
  8. If your victim is drunk or passed out or has just left their keys around, take them. Unlock the car, wind down the drivers side window. Then take any valuables and mess up the interior. Return the key and the victim will think their car has been broken in to.
  9. If your victim has parked in a car park and if you can get hold of the victims keys, drive the car to the other side of the car park and return the keys.

Have you pulled an awesome prank on your mates car or truck? Let us know - leave a comment!


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