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Cell Phone Prank - Cell Phone Crashing

Cell Phone Prank - Cell Phone Crashing

Posted by Tyler Ward on

This "oldie but goodie" kicked off the cell phone crashing prank videos by MediocreFilms.

Their original & hilarious prank video is about a guy who plays a prank on people using their cell phone at a kids soccer game.

The best thing about this prank is it would be SO EASY to do it yourself.  What's better?  This cell phone prank is absolutely free!

In the video, the prankster goes near anyone who is on a phone call, and while pretending to be on the phone himself, the prankster would listen to their conversation and butt in as if he's the one his victim is talking to.

When his victims start to notice what he's doing, they would try to avoid the prankster as much as possible but he would still follow them wherever they go.

The funniest part of this video is when the prankster gets "caught" because his response is brutal.  Instead of owning up to the prank, he says, as a matter of fact, what his victims should have been saying all along, "Can you not interrupt me!? I'm on the phone!"

This prank video is great which is why it has over a million views on YouTube!

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