Cell Phone Prank - Cell Phone Crashing pt. 2

Cell Phone Prank - Cell Phone Crashing pt. 2

Posted by Tyler Ward on

If you haven’t seen the original, check out our original article about Cell Phone Crashing.

The original video set the stage but we also wanted to highlight the best of the best by MediocreFilms and their Cell Phone Crashing series.

So, first of all, what is cell phone crashing?  Cell phone crashing is a cell phone prank where the prankster goes near anyone who is on a phone call, and while pretending to be on the phone himself, the prankster would listen to their conversation and butt in as if he's the one his victim is talking to.

The original cell phone crashing prank was at a kids’ soccer game.  However, the second video is set in an airport (where people are always on their phone without much else to do).  The prankster sits next to the unsuspecting victims and hilarity ensues.

This particular cell phone prank is even more awkward and uncomfortable to watch than the first one because some of the victims are a little more vocal when they realize the prankster is messing with them. 

The best thing about cell phone crashing is that it’s a cell phone prank that’s absolutely free.  You can do it anywhere to anyone (even someone you know) and it would still be funny.  All you have to do is pretend like you’re on the phone, listen to your victim’s conversation, and respond as if you are talking to them.  When they call you on your prank – simply respond, “Hey please don’t interrupt me.  I’m on the phone.”  The most important part (as with any prank) is to keep a straight face.

Good luck, have fun, and prank hard!


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