Cool Pranks - Walking on Water Prank by Magic Of Rahat

Cool Pranks - Walking on Water Prank by Magic Of Rahat

Posted by Tyler Ward on

This Prankster Walked on the Water - And He's not Jesus!

Rahat Hossain is a famous Youtube Prankster with over +615million views on Youtube.  His channel is called The Magic of Rahat.

As with any Youtube personality, some of his more recent stuff has been commercial, however, his original content that put him on the map is gold.  For instance, his invisible Drive Through Prank has over +45million views alone.

One of his funniest pranks is the Walking on Water Prank.  

It's a really cool prank.  In the video, Rahat the prankster “walked on the water” while he was pretending that he was busy texting. He made other people believe that it was indeed true! People were in awe and disbelief, thinking only Jesus could do that and no one else could. What those people didn't know, was he probably placed something in the water that made him walk in there without exerting much effort (obviously it's a prank bro).

People's reactions were indeed priceless! Especially those Christian believers who couldn't seem to believe what they were seeing.

This prank is hilarious. What's funnier is when one of the guys asked the prankster if he can do it again - which is to walk on water several times again just to make sure that the guy is indeed walking on water.


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