Epic Car Prank Video - Buying Your Best Friend Their Dream Car

Epic Car Prank Video - Buying Your Best Friend Their Dream Car

Posted by Tyler Ward on

Do you have a friend who absolutely drools over a certain car?  Of course, everybody does.  There is always that one car fanatic in the group who is always talking about how they are going to buy a certain car one day.  

Maybe you have that one friend who already has the car of their dreams.  If that is the case, here are 22 Funny Car Prank Ideas that will royally piss them off.

Youtube star Sam Golbach fell in the formal category and pulled off an epic car prank on his best friend Colby (who also happens to have a pretty large Youtube following).  Colby absolutely LOVES the new BMW i8 and talks about how he wants one constantly.  So Sam goes out and rents one for him on his birthday (IN COLBY’S NAME) & then proceeds to tell Colby that he bought the brand new car for his friend (because they are making so much money on Youtube).  This prank video is pure comedic gold.

Colby doesn’t really believe his prankster friend from the get go but it’s still funny as hell to see his wishful thinking turn into a HUGE let down when he finds out he owes the car rental company $1100. 

This funny prank video would also make for an epic car prank that you could pull on April Fools Day.

Enjoy your ride Colby!  And enjoy more of our prank videos and reviews.


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