Freaky the Scary Snowman - Funny Prank Video

Written by : Tyler Ward

Published On : January 24, 2017

Freaky the Scary Snowman - Funny Prank Video

Tis the season to be a prankster.  Or at least that’s how it was for this snowman.  This prank video has over 100 reactions to a “decorative” snowman who suddenly jumps out every time people walk by.

Obviously some people’s reactions are funny while other people get really angry.  However, even the angry reactions are still funny.  This is a form of a scary prank because the intent is to scare or shock someone but this Christmas season prank video is a little more light hearted than most prank videos.  For instance, this zombie train prank video is epically horrifying.

This funny snowman prank video from Jay Karl’s Pranks isn’t his only prank video about Freaky the Scary Snowman – he has about 6 others.  However, this one is the funniest and most epic with over 100 reactions. 



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