Funny & Easy Stuffed Rat Office Prank

Funny & Easy Stuffed Rat Office Prank

Written by : Tyler Ward

Published On : January 01, 2017

Funny & Easy Stuffed Rat Office Prank

This office prank is absolutely hilarious! It's also an easy prank to pull if you have a small budget.  There is always that one person in your office who is absolutely terrified of rats, spiders, or small creatures.  They are also normally extremely animated about it. 

So if you have one of those people in your office, here's what you do in order to prank them so hard they freak!

You can buy a bunch of stuffed mice on Amazon or even get them at Ikea.  This office prank is easy and hilarious.  All you need to do is get a bunch of stuffed rats or some other type of stuffed animal and "infest" your victim's office.  It will be a funny Monday morning surprise.






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