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Funny Harmless Car Prank Ideas

Funny Harmless Car Prank Ideas

Posted by Tyler Ward on

Here are some great ideas for harmless pranks to pull on friends with cars for a laugh. These car pranks are great to play among a group of friends with cars or car enthusiasts. These practical jokes for cars are great to play on April Fools Day or any day and they will make you and your friends laugh.


Post-it Note Car Prank
One of the easiest pranks to pull is the Post-it note car prank.  All you need to do is collect an un-Godly amount of Post-it notes in all sorts of colors and place them all over someone’s car.  Normally, this prank works on an extremely busy victim (someone who is busier than you) because it will take them just as long to take them off as it takes you to put them on.  So, pick a time when you know your victim won’t have time, and let the pranks begin!

Machine Gun Tires
Get some bubble wrap with the big bubbles. Cut it to fit around the tire. Tape it to the front wheels of your victim’s car. When the car starts moving, the bubble wrap popping sounds like a machine gun. They will freak out.

Misbehaving Car
If a friend is in the habit of leaving their car doors unlocked, sneak in and turn up the radio, turn on the windshield wipers, blinkers, and anything else that you can turn on. Watch as they turn on their car and everything starts flashing and moving.

Hole Punch Madness
In an office, go around an collect all the little paper circles left over in the paper hole punches. Then go to your friend, co-worker or other victim's car and put them on top of the sun visor. Make sure to brush any strays off the seat. When your friend puts the sun visor down all the little paper circles will go everywhere!


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