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Funny Practical Jokes To Play In The Bathroom

Funny Practical Jokes To Play In The Bathroom

Posted by Tyler Ward on

Here are some great practical joke ideas for the bathroom, the toilet, and shower! Prank your family, roommates, friends, or worst enemies with these hilarious pranks!


Untidy Bowl
Place Saran wrap over the toilet bowl (under the lid). Be very careful there are no creases. It should be invisible to your victim but when they go to the bathroom, the cling-wrap will ruin their day!

Switched Gender
Swap the signs on the women's and men's toilet doors.

Pop Pot
Put a snap ball fire cracker (the kind you throw down on the sidewalk and they explode) under the toilet seat, and gently lower the seat. Your victim will sit down with a bang!

Toilet Shower
On most household toilets there is a pipe sticking up in the tank. Clipped into the top of that pipe you will find a small water feed tube. Remove that tube from the pipe and place it under the lid of the tank, facing front. Carefully replace the lid so it holds the water tube in place. When someone flushes the toilet they get soaked!

Shower of a Different Color
When visiting a friend’s house, take a bar of soap from their shower. Shave off a thin slice from the soap and make a little hole in the soap. Fill the hole with red, green, or blue food coloring. Cover the hole with the thin layer of soap (wetting the soap layer will cause it to stay in place). Place the bar hole-side down in the shower stall and wait for some colorful fun!

Condiment Commode
Take a ketchup, honey, or mustard packet. Fold that packet in half and place it under the pad that separates the toilet seat from the toilet. When your victim sits down on the seat, they'll receive a messy condiment surprise. Note: A pin hole in the packets on the sides facing into the toilet will help direct the mess!

Slimy Seat
Add a thin layer of Vaseline to the toilet seat. Your victim won't know what it is when they sit down!

Jell-O Toilet
Wait until you're sure the toilet will remain unused for at least 24 hours. Just before the weekend in an office toilet would be perfect. Get some packets of powdered jello and mix it into the toilet water until dissolved. Use a stick to mix it up.  After 24 hours and it has set, whoever uses the toilet will be left very confused! (The more jello you use the harder it will set).


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