Funny Pranks To Play In The Drive-Thru!

Funny Pranks To Play In The Drive-Thru!

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Here are some great ideas and examples for hilarious Drive-Thru Pranks! Messing around with minimum-wage-earning fast food employees may be fun for you and the people in your car, but, depending on what kind of day the employee has been having, you run the risk of ending up with foreign items in your food!


Fast Reader
When you go through a drive-through, especially taco bell, try to order everything on the menu reading as fast as possible.  It's best to play it up before hand by talking really slowly - but then when it comes time to order, go as fast as possible, "I-want-a-chalupa-dorito-ranch-taco-with-no-onions-extra-tomatoes-three-soft-tacos-four-hard-tacos-extra-sour-cream-gravy-tater-tots-five-bean-burritos-two-lettuce-wraps-6-onion-cheeseburgers-two-cokes-seven-mountain-dews-and-exactly-nineteen-ketchup-packets."  They'll obviously ask you to repeat your order.  Do it again.

Broken Speaker
Go to a fast food drive-thru with a speaker system and post a big sign in red letters on the speaker that reads, “SPEAKER IS BROKEN PLEASE SPEAK LOUDLY and SLOWLY.” Park your car within earshot of the speaker, then watch and listen for the shouting to begin.

Guide Me In
Have one of your passengers get out of the car and direct you through the fast-food drive-up window as if parking an airplane at a gate. A flashlight in each hand heightens the effect at night.

To Go
When going through the fast food drive thru, specify that the order is "to go." Repeat this several times throughout the order.

Sodium Chloride
This is the oldest prank in the book.  The scientific name for table salt is sodium chloride but nobody knows that, including drive-thru workers.  So ask for extra sodium chloride and then correct them when they say, "we don't have that."

Disgruntled Drive-Thru Patron
When they ask, “Would you like fries with that?” Repeat their question, then say nothing... “Would I like fries with that?” Repeat as long as possible.

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