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Funny Pranks To Pull At Work In The Office

Funny Pranks To Pull At Work In The Office

Posted by Tyler Ward on

Office pranks are absolutely hilarious.  They are especially funny when they are easy pranks to pull. 

Here are some really funny practical joke ideas to pull on your work colleagues in the office! Mess with their computer and prank them at their desk. These pranks will make you and your fellow colleagues laugh!


Duct Taped Desk Drawer Dilemma
Duct tape is real handy for driving your coworkers nuts. Crawl under the desk and tape around the underside edges of the center drawer. It won't open - no matter how hard they pull. To add to the confusion, leave the drawer slightly ajar before taping so they can clearly see that it's not locked

Malfunctioning Mouse
Put a strip of clear tape over the mouse ball (opaque tape over optical sensors) on a computer mouse. When the mouse is moved, it won’t work.

Keyboard Confusion
To create a non-functioning keyboard, simply unplug the keyboard cable from the back of your victim's computer.

Monitor Mess
Dim the brightness control on everyone's monitors. Watch (and listen) as people frantically call tech support. (Make sure your monitor is dimmed also.)

Fun with Email
Here is one of many email pranks in the book: Send blind e-mail messages announcing “Free pizza and doughnuts in the lunchroom!” When people complain that there was none, just lean back, pat your stomach, and say, “Oh you’ve got to be faster than that.” Do this continually until nobody believes you anymore. Then order in pizzas and doughnuts in the lunchroom.

Confusing Drawers
Before your co-worker arrives at the office remove his desk drawers and switch them around. He will definitely scratch his head over this one. Hint: In case you cannot remove the drawers, just remove the items and swap them

Pen Cap Swap
Take all of your co-workers pens and replace them with your pens that your glued caps on to the night before. He will not be able to take the caps off to use the pens.

Speak Up!
Tell the new employee that a certain someone else is hard of hearing so he better speak up every time he talks to him. Tell that certain other person the same exact thing about the new employee. Then watch as communicate with each other in high volume every time.


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