Funny Things to Send in the Mail - Top 10 Pranks to Mail Your Friends

Funny Things to Send in the Mail - Top 10 Pranks to Mail Your Friends

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Funny Mail Order Pranks 

What’s the weirdest thing you can send in the mail? Think about it. Now really think about it.

Times have moved on from sending a flaming bag of poop. And there are plenty of companies out there offering their hilarious services to prank your friends. But what if you want to be a bit more original?

Gone are the days when children, whole buildings and a cat can be sent through the US postal system. But fear not, there are still some weird and wonderful items you can send by mail. That’s what we’re here for, to give you a rundown of 10 of the best pranks to can mail to your friends.

#1 Self Contained Fruit


Whether you fancy sending a melon, coconut or orange through the mail all you’ve got to do is write a full name and address on, attach the correct postage and send. It’s that simple. Fruits like melons and coconuts are seen as a self contained unit so no extra packaging required.

Have a friend stuck in some miserable weather? Sending them a coconut from your holiday in Hawaii might just be the pick-me-up they need, or not.

#2 Some Bricks


This prank dates back to the 1970s and was used as a sign of protest. Back then ‘postage guaranteed’ envelopes had to deliver, even if there was a brick attached.

Now these labels can’t be ‘improperly used’, but you can still shove your own postage on it and send it as a prank through the mail.

#3 A Potato


Got a friend who spends too much time being one? From one potato to another.

#4 A Traffic Cone


Why would you send a traffic cone as a mail prank? Well, why not? Hilarity and confusion are the name of the game with this odd package.

#5 Mailbox


Because sending a letter is so 2015.

P.S. We don’t advise you send someone else’s mailbox. That’s stealing.

#6 Limbs


Ok, so not an actual limb. That’s the kind of thing you get arrested for. But sending a prosthetic limb, or discarded bits of a mannequin is totally fine. And pretty weird.

#7 Toilet Paper


Need to let someone know they’re full of shit? I reckon some toilet roll should do it. Again, it’s self contained so whack on some postage and an address and get that prank in the mail.

#8 A Disposable Camera


Fancy sending some NSFW snaps in the mail? Take them on a disposable camera, put it back in it’s box and send it on its merry way. As soon as the film is developed, voila. Prank complete.

 #9 Nothing

Getting a box of nothing in the mail would freak you the hell out, right? Who in their right mind would send a box...with nothing in it. Maybe they’ve lost their marbles?

An unexpected parcel can excited even the coldest of hearts, so shattering that hope into a thousand tiny pieces is a simple as, well, an empty box.  

#10 Candles that Smell...Interesting

Mail pranks are all about the element of surprise. So what could be better than tricking someone into thinking they’re appreciated only to hit them in the face (or nose) with a horrific dirty fart smell?


Nothing is better.

Be the Most Annoying Version of You

Disclaimer: we can’t guarantee they’ll get there (hey, we don’t make the rules) and we can’t be held responsible for what happens at the other end. But we can guarantee these 10 mail prank ideas will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. If just for a moment.  


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