Funny Video Prank - The Cab Ride Prank

Funny Video Prank - The Cab Ride Prank

Posted by Tyler Ward on

Kids, before the days of Uber there used to be these things called “Cabs”. They were like an Uber except, instead of having a nice clean car to use, you sat in a yellow cramped vehicle for high prices. Stories of cheapskates and creepy drivers were constant.

The people over at BlackBoxTV took the fear of bad drivers to a whole new level in their own prank. The video shows two girls get into a cab, only to be driven by a driver who is having a, well, let’s just call it a rough night. This writer won’t spoil the prank, but let’s just say the women should have brought silver bullet.

With hidden cams set up all over the cab, the girls’ reactions are completely caught on film. Going from happy, to uncomfortable, to completely terrified, the girls hit the entire spectrum. It is hilarious watching the women get pee-your-pants afraid of the situatin at the end. Even funnier though, is the driver himself as he goes through the prank!

I think we can all agree, nothing is better than a prank that is funny by watching the prankster and the pranked, right?

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Happy pranking, friends!


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