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Jalals Public Bomb Scare Prank

Jalals Public Bomb Scare Prank

Posted by Tyler Ward on

This video is by far one of the most controversial videos we’ve reviewed here.  However, it's also the funniest.

In light of tensions surrounding Muslim Extremists, many YouTuber Pranksters have surrounded their pranks around this. We here at Prank Candles want to clarify, though we will review this prank we don’t support profiling of any type.

The group Jalals has made a large amount of pranks videos based on fears and stereotypes surrounding Muslims. Their most popular, and perhaps most controversial, is the Public Bomb Prank Compilations. Armed in white clothing often associated with Muslims, the men run in to an area, throw a bag, and run. The camera then goes on to film the reactions.

From simple runners to an entire store, the victims all have the same reaction: run. The comedy is of course in how quickly people run. Of course none of these people were running from an actual bomb, just a backpack (calculus is scary though). The video is made even funnier by the soundtrack.

We here are unsure about the legality of it, but we do know what pranks are legal! Check out our store page to see all of them! We promise they won’t disappoint!

Happy pranking friends!


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