Muck-Up Day: Why Senior Pranks are BIGGER in Australia

Muck-Up Day: Why Senior Pranks are BIGGER in Australia

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You may think you did it big and went all out for your senior prank.  However, you'd be wrong if you think the kids across the ocean in Australia didn't take whatever you did and multiply it by 10!  If you threw a stink bomb in the hallway, some kid in Australia threw 10 stink bombs.  If you sprayed silly string on a couple kids on their way to class, MULTIPLY THAT BY 10!

Why? Because everything is bigger in Australia.  The Alligators are bigger, the snakes are bigger. Their sharks are freaking Great White Sharks!

In fact, their snakes are so big and crazy that they can catch wallabies!  I didn’t even know what a wallaby was but according to Google they can weigh up to 50 pounds.


So in a country where EVERYTHING is bigger, you’d only expect them to take Senior Pranks to the next level!  They do exactly that.

Here in America, we treat Senior Pranking as a fun activity that can take place any time during the year.  There is no organization and the student Seniors play pranks on other students, teachers, faculty, and staff whenever they see fit.  

Sometimes, you’d expect someone to throw a stink bomb in a hallway or spray some Liquid Ass in a classroom.  Most students don’t want to get in trouble so they rarely do anything over the top.

However, there have been times when students have been arrested for vandalizing school property, suspended, while some get lucky and just get sent home.  It really depends how far they decide to take the senior prank. 

In my high school, a student was arrested for setting a dumpster on fire trying to light a smoke bomb.  The kid was sort of an idiot but the faculty treated the situation as overkill.

In Australia, senior pranks are completely different. They take them to the next level.   In Australia they even have their own day for senior pranks – it’s called a muck-up day.  They are common practice in most high schools and while the intensity of muck-up days has evolved over time, they are normally held and organized by the teachers and staff at a high school.   This keeps everything tame and organized (for the most part).

They are not meant to incite harm or bullying but are meant to be fun and harmless pranks.  However, there is always that one bad egg or rotten apple in every senior class that can take things too far and screw it up for everyone.

Simply put – muck-up days are HUGE in Australia.  So much so that someone made a movie about them titled “Muck Up Day.”  At one point muck-up days even hit the Queensland parliament and the MPs had to get involved.

Some examples of muck-up day pranks include dying entire school swimming pools different colors and even bringing weird pets to school like pigs.

Muck Up Day normally goes down before final exams and the chaos ensues for the entirety of the day.  It’s thought of as a good way to let off steam or get the kids excited about school one last time before departure to university.

However, while Australia probably does senior pranks and muck-up day the biggest, Australia isn’t the only country that celebrates Muck-Up Day.  The UK does it too.  In fact, a few years ago some British students crossed a line when they threw eggs, flour, and stink bombs ALL OVER THEIR ENTIRE SCHOOL.  It was so insane that the teachers and faculty couldn’t figure out who pulled off the prank so they sent THE ENTIRE SENIOR CLASS HOME.  All 300 students.

There have also been stories where soccer fields or football fields have been completely vandalized and ruined by opposing schools using weed killer on the grass.  This is obviously illegal and shouldn’t be done.

If you’re looking for some funny and tame ideas for senior pranks we’ve compiled a list with pictures here.

Prank hard and enjoy!


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