Prank Video: Big Box Shenanigans (Part 2)

Written by : Tyler Ward

Published On : February 21, 2017

Prank Video: Big Box Shenanigans (Part 2)

Maybe you just received another one of our Empty Box pranks, or maybe you just thought Alex Goyette’s Big Box Shenanigans Part 1 was so funny you wanted to see a second part. Either way, ladies and gentleman, I present to you Part 2 in our reviews of pranks which you can do with merely an empty box.

This time he brings himself and his Box Posse all over what appears to be a college campus. He ups his trolling by blocking bus stops,  sidewalks, and even the library. With plenty of new terrain, the artist goes back to his roots in a mall as well.

As always, the best part of the videos is the reactions. From pre-teens calling him a freak to a basketball player shoving him to the ground (no foul called), the video puts a more hilarious spin on the original shenanigans. Having a whole army of box-men (people?) flood a mall is one of the funniest things we have seen in a long time. A perfect use for our Empty Box prank!

If you haven’t seen Part 1 yet, we highly recommend you head over to our review by clicking here.

Enjoy friends, happy pranking!


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