Prank Video - Black Friday Shopping

Prank Video - Black Friday Shopping

Posted by Tyler Ward on

Each year after finishing their helpings of turkey and mashed potatoes, millions of Americans flood shopping malls to celebrate Black Friday in the search for the best deals. With the large amount of people stampeding into stores it clearly is a wonderful opportunity to do some pranking.

The three pranksters over at Mediocre Films take advantage of this, armed with lists of ludicrous and blatantly fake products to ask the store clerks about. These items range from “Baby’s First Pee Set” to “Monkey Grabbers” to so much more. The kicker is the entirety of the list is made by another member of the group, so our first time reading it is theirs too.

The laughs of course come first from the name of the items alone. Starting tame with some “cat remover” all the way to sexually explicit items, the threesome asks for a variety of laugh-out-loud items with straight faces. Their explanations when the clerks need clarification are even funnier! Beyond that, the reactions from the clerks are fantastic. Some act like they know the product is real, recommendation the location it’d be found, and others blatantly ask what it is. The entire shenanigan is a harmless and great prank, filled with plenty of banter and laughs.

Feel free to try this one out friends, happy pranking!


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