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Prank Video - Cops Get Owned

Prank Video - Cops Get Owned

Posted by Tyler Ward on

Just about every single boy has used a water bottle or hose to make it look like he was peeing. Though the humor is childish, it has brought laughs for generations. There’s no explanation to why, other than pee is just funny.

Armed with a water bottle and a sense of nostalgia, Roman Atwood Pranks use this timeless joke to prank the cops around their area. With a hidden camera rolling the pranksters arm their water bottles with their back to the cops, and then test the stream while in the “pee stance.” From there the entire video is based upon the reaction of the cops.

The video is hilariously for no reason other than the cops’ reactions. They range, from anger to apologies to blatant laughter. When the pranksters are forced to explain themselves too, it’s always funny! We find the funniest part of the video is the cops who laugh though, as they prove that men are never too old to laugh at pee jokes. Let’s be honest here, pee is funny and that’s why this is funny.

We don’t sell pee here, but we do sell really funny prank products, which smells like another liquid that comes from your body!

Happy peeing friends! … I mean pranking.


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