Prank Video - Frozen Grand Central

Prank Video - Frozen Grand Central

Posted by Tyler Ward on

Flash mobs and other group pranks have been a part of mainstream media for a while now. But back in 2008, when YouTube was still brand new and this writer was in middle school, the idea was an entirely new concept.

The most famous, and likely the catalyst for the entire genre, came from Improv Everywhere’s 2008 prank “Frozen Grand Central.” Amassing over 30 million views, the video shows 207 undercover agents freeze simultaneously in Grand Central Station. The effort has onlookers amazed and confused as the individuals are seemingly frozen in time.

The funniest parts of the video of course come from the reactions. From confused stares, to wondering if it was some sort of protest, just about the full spectrum is seen. The funniest part is a maintenance driver calling on his radio that he is unable to move. The kicker though comes from when the pranksters unfreeze, acting as if nothing happened!

The prank is a classic and fantastic for its perfect execution and the incredibly large amount of people who were a part of it.

If you want a piece of pranking history, this video is for you!  Here are some great products to start.

Happy pranking friends!


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