Prank Video: Holding People's Hands

Prank Video: Holding People's Hands

Posted by Tyler Ward on

When we were all in middle school holding hands with the person you liked was a BIG DEAL. In terms of things to gossip about it was up there with “who likes who” and “he asked her out over text.” What we often forget in our older and wiser years is just how terribly awkward it can be to reach for that (sometimes sweaty) hand for the first time.

The guys over at LAHWF set to bring us back down memory lane, but the catch is they don’t know the girl (or guy) before. With a hidden camera set at the end of a hallway, we see the prankster attempt to grab the hand of literally anyone.

The hilarity begins with a deadpan opening that exemplifies the awkwardness we are about to watch. The funniest parts, of course come from, the reactions, which range from pulling away, to saying hi, to blatantly questioning if his handholding was intentional. Perhaps funnier, though, is watching him stalk down his victim (or lucky receiver of handholding, depending your perspective) and then awkwardly explain himself after. All in all, this prank is relatively simple and quiet, but hilarious!

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Happy pranking everyone!


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