Prank Video - Miami Zombie Prank

Prank Video - Miami Zombie Prank

Posted by Tyler Ward on

“A Florida Man” has become a consistent and hilarious meme over the past few years as more and more headlines come out. From eating bath salts to walking around naked, this writer has seen about everything. My massive research (10 second Google search) did not show any cases of a Florida Man dressing up as a zombie, however.

 Never fear dear readers, although it didn’t get press the group VitalyzdTV did in fact make a prank as the walking dead! Opening with a blood red text and creepy music that goes the entire video, the prank shows a man dressed as a zombie. The man goes on to terrorize people young and old, chasing after them and growling.

The prank is definitely more on the creepy side and less of a laugh out loud video. The humor still comes, obviously, from the victims’ reactions. Ranging from screaming, to all out sprinting, nearly every victim reacts with pure terror and confusion to the apparent zombie running at them. The funniest part of the video is at the end, but, in true respect for spoilers, you’ll have to watch to see it!

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Happy pranking friends!


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