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Prank Videos: Farting in an Elevator

Prank Videos: Farting in an Elevator

Posted by Tyler Ward on

Have you ever been in an elevator and felt really uncomfortable? Or maybe you were out in public and (*clears throat*) “cut the cheese?” No? Well either you’re lying or a truly flawless human being.

 Jack Vale mixes both of these uncomfortable and embarrassing times by using a fart sound effect in the elevator … or so we hope. He and his crew have done this prank multiple times, but for the sake of review we’re looking at his 4th edition (the funniest one).

As it goes with every fart joke, the comedy comes from people reacting to the breaking of the wind. The videos has people accusing others, accusing Jack, and even  accusing “your mama” after hearing the variety of farts. The prank is rather simple, but because everyone reacts to cutting the cheese differently it always feels fresh and new! This version is especially great considering we get to see what happens when people don’t hear, but we won’t spoil it for you. It’s worth the watch though!

 Although the fart sounds don’t produce the smell we here have candles that can make up for that, which you can buy here in a variety of fragrances! 

Plus we have a wide variety of prank videos you can watch anytime.

 Happy pranking friends! (and remember, who ever smelt it dealt it).


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