13 Classic Roommate Prank Ideas

13 Classic Roommate Prank Ideas

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Here are some funny harmless practical jokes that you can play on your roommates, friends, and family. Play these hilarious pranks on your friends for a big laugh!

Leave Them Hanging
This is a quick and easy prank but is very funny to play on your friends! It is a great prank to play at college with your roommate! All you need to do is wait until your roommate is in the shower, then sneak into the bathroom and grab all their clothes and towels.  Don’t forget the bath mat! When they get out of the shower they will realize they won’t have anything to cover up!

Umbrella Shower
You can play this practical joke when it is raining. Find your victims umbrella and fill it with confetti or something similar like small ripped up bits of paper or rice. Close it up and wait for your victim to go out and open it. When they open their umbrella they will be covered in the confetti or whatever else you put in it!

Salty Surprise
A quick and simple prank! All you have to do is put some salt on your victims tooth brush just before they go to brush their teeth. Make sure you’re watching when they go to brush their teeth!

Door Ambush
One of the most classic and simple pranks! All you do is balance a small disposable cup of water on top of a partially open door. Then just make sure you’re watching when someone opens it to walk through! The cup of water will fall off and onto their head!

Can’t Catch This
Tape a dollar bill or a $5 bill to the end of a fishing line on a fishing pole. You don't need a premium fishing pole - any fishing pole will do.  Lay the bill or note out on the ground and hide behind a wall or bush. When someone comes along and sees the money they will reach for it. When they do this, reel the line in a few inches. Keep reeling it in until they realize they’re being had!

Rude Awakening
Sneak up on your victim when they are sleeping and squirt some shaving cream or something similar into their hand. Then tickle them on the nose or face with a feather and watch them give themselves a face full of cream! Film the prank and show them what they did to themselves after!

Sudden Shower
Sneak into your roommates bathroom and turn the shower head so it faces out of the shower. When your victim goes to turn on the water from outside the shower, it will spray them and soak them!

Running Late
While your victim is asleep, reset all their clocks 2 hours ahead. When they wake up they will think they are late for school, college or work!

Got Ya!
A simple and classic prank joke! Just point at your friends chest, just below their chin, acting like they have some dirt on their shirt. When they look down, bring your finger up and flick their nose!

Tricky Coin
Get some superglue and a quarter. Go to a busy place like a shopping mall and glue the coin to the floor. Watch and laugh as people try to pick it up and get really confused!

Slick Shampoo
Empty your victim's shampoo bottle and pour baby oil in it instead. Next time they wash their hair it will end up with an oily slick look!

Early Alarm
Find your victim's alarm clock and set it to 4am. Then hide it really well in your victim's room. They will be woken very early in the morning and not be able to find the alarm to turn it off!

Hand Trick
Get an extra large glass of water. Ask your friend to place one of their hands on a table with the palm facing down. Put the glass of water on the top of their hand and ask them whether it hurts or not. They should say no. Take the glass of water off and ask them to put their other hand on top of the other one. Then replace the glass of water on top and walk away. They won't be able to move their hands without the glass of water falling over!


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