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The 5 Best April Fools Internet Pranks of All Time

The 5 Best April Fools Internet Pranks of All Time

Posted by Tyler Ward on

Internet Hoaxes:

Who doesn’t love fooling and pranking friends and family on April fool’s day? After all, the whole point is to make someone laugh. The sole purpose is to bring out the silly laughter of everyone involved… along with the common catchphrase “gotcha”. Most countries celebrate April Fools’ Day on the first of April marked by a series of pranks and practical jokes being played around by everyone.

However, April Fools’ has been taken to the next level since the invention of the internet. There have been several occasions when an April Fools’ Day prank went viral after it was played brilliantly by some big company, news channel or perhaps a website.

What are the top internet hoaxes of all time?

Enlisted below are the top 5 greatest April Fools’ Day internet hoaxes of all time.

  • Kremvax: This was perhaps one of the single greatest internet hoaxes of all times. Or at least perhaps the first. Back then – most Americans online used a computer communications network called Usetnet. A brilliant programmer made a fictional Usenet website called Kremvax and also made it look like it was created “apparently” by the then soviet leader Konstantin Chernenko. However, it was actually originally posted and published by Piet Beertema as an idea for a massive April Fools’ Day hoax (Russia in the midst of the Cold War joining and monitoring the Usenet network).  Needless to say, people/programmer freaked out.


  • The Ban on Drunk Internet Use: The popular saying goes “if it is on the internet, it is got to be true.” This internet hoax achieved just that. Since the internet can also be termed as the superhighway of information, the US congress decided to create a prank or a hoax by regulating a bill over use of the internet while drunk. The bill that was supposedly passed had a number that was posted to be “Bill #040194”. The number itself indicates the April Fools’ Day. Much like they anticipated, people started ringing up Sen. Edward Kennedy who introduced the bill.


  • The Derbyshire Fairy: This internet hoax was the brainchild of an illusion designer named Dan Baines. Dan Baines uploaded fake images of what looked like remains of a fairy. The website that he uploaded the images to became very popular amongst fairy believers and naturally blasted inquiries to Dan on his email. It in fact got so out of hand that even after Dan admitted to it being a hoax, people/fairy believers accused Dan of hiding the truth.


  • Google April Fools’ Hoax: The search engine internet giant, Google has been very popularly known to play April Fools’ hoaxes every year since the year 2000. Some of Google’s popular hoaxes included MentalPlex Hoax, Google Job Opportunities for Copernicus Center and many more. Modern day Google Hoaxes are slightly more sophisticated than they used to be.


  • Cute Cloud: Much like Google, Bing wanted to do something crazy on the first of April too. Bing created a make believe website called Cute Cloud where users could click and get a basket of kitties, tea cup pigs, etc. They played the cute card by creating a beautiful background image for the Bing search.



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