The Best Facebook Prank Ever

The Best Facebook Prank Ever

Posted by Tyler Ward on

Our site has posted many Facebook Pranks in years past.

Most people simply go on Facebook and just hijack their friend’s status and post something funny.  Some Facebook Pranks are much more intricate and well planned out.  Either way, Facebook pranks are funny, Facebook pranks make you laugh, and Facebook pranks make your life a little better (unless you are the one who is being pranked).

However, of all the Facebook Pranks we've ever seen, this one may take the throne as the funniest one we’ve seen in a very long time. The beauty is the simplicity, the planning, and the execution.  They created a completely different Facebook account and somehow got Dalton’s Hand approved as an actual name.  They posted a picture of a hand for comedic effect.  What’s best about this prank is after they made the account, the prankster sat around and waiting for their opportunity, and when they got it, they pounced!

My brother was on the forever single bandwagon and made a duplicate profile where he decided to date himself – but not his own hand! This is too funny. It’s even funnier than the epic Facebook prank my brother played on himself.

This prank is as easy as the easiest office prank ever.  However, it pales in comparison to the best internet pranks of all time.  Sill, we think this is the best Facebook Prank we’ve ever seen.

Got a better prank that you think should be listed as the Best Facebook Prank Ever? Let us know in the comments below.


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