The Only List of Office Prank Ideas You'll Ever Need

The Only List of Office Prank Ideas You'll Ever Need

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Office pranks can be fun and can improve your company's culture.  They can also get you fired.  Some of that depends on who you pull your prank on.  If it's your uptight boss, they may not take getting pranked the right way.  In some cases you can get fired from jobs you don't even have. If your boss is the type of person who may take kindly to practical jokes, then have at it.  Normally office pranks are done among coworkers though.  If you're pranking your friends in the office or even pranking your enemies in the office, so long as you aren't pranking management it's normally fine if it's lighthearted.  
For that reason, we've compiled a list of the only office pranks you'll ever need.  None of these pranks are so extreme that they'll get you fired (unless you're a terrible employee already and they are just looking for a reason to fire you).  However, all of these pranks are still easy and funny.  So next time you need to pull an innocent office prank.  Look no further.
A classic funny prank but one which takes quite a bit of time to set up. In this office desk prank, the pranksters have placed hundreds of disposable cups, filled with liquids over the floor, desk and even the shelves! It makes a great, hilarious prank in the office and other work places.
This classic post-it prank is always a very funny prank! In this real prank photo, some colleagues have stuck post it notes all over some guys desk and computer!
This is a very well done office tin foil prank. Some guy's office area and desk has been covered in foil including the computer screens and the books and chair. This office prank would take a bit of time to do but it is very effective once completed.
An annoyed boss gets back into his office to find that his employees have covered his office in yellow post it notes and shredded paper! A very funny prank to pull on your boss and which will take him hours to tidy up!
Don't have time to add post-it notes in every white spot on your boss's wall?  Instead just use post-it colored paper for this prank.  It's faster and easier.  The effect of the office prank is just as good!
Some guys filled their boss's office with loads of balloons in this funny prank picture. When the boss opened the door he would have got a bit of a balloon surprise!
An awesome office tin foil prank!  This one may be even better than the prank we just referenced. In this prank picture, a woman comes back to her office to find that it has been completely covered and wrapped in foil! She is so surprised. It's a great example of a tin foil prank in an office!
This prank is even funnier when you see it in reference to an empty cubicle next door.  When the tin foil office prank is only done on one cubicle, you know you are a real target.  Or, in our case, since we are the pranksters - your victim will know they have been pranked... specifically!
An employee's office area and desk is covered in hundreds of balloons for this funny office prank.
These tin foil pranks are getting more and more epic.  If you want to annoy your boss or your colleagues at work then try this funny prank idea - wrap up everything in their office in tin foil! This picture is a great example of a tin foil prank in the office!
This is an easy but time consuming prank on April Fools Day.  It's the post it notes prank! All you need is a lot of sticky post-it notes and your victims office. Then just stick them everywhere.
A quick and easy office prank on April Fools Day is to wrap up your coworker's office cubicle with saran wrap/cling film! Cling wrap works great for wrapping up office cubicles and is very funny.
If you want to pull an April Fools Prank in the office that is a bit different, try printing off hundreds of pictures of your boss, a funny celebrity, or character and cover your victims office in the pictures!
This is one of the best office pranks on April Fools Day - construct a murder crime scene with fake crime scene tape and a person marked out on the floor. This prank will have your whole office laughing!
Hilarious and very clever office computer desk prank. Co-workers turned the computer and desk into cardboard!
Amazing tin foil office at work practical joke picture. Some guy's colleagues covered his entire office in tin foil, wrapping his computer and desk and even books in tin foil.
This funny real prank picture of some one's office space, wrapped entirely in newspaper by co-workers! A simple, easy to do prank which is very effective!
This office cubicle prank must have required a few props but it looks great! Some one's office cubicle has been turned into a dungeon of some kinds. Makes a great Halloween prank!
Another funny office tin foil prank. The chair is wrapped up in foil, the desk, the computer and all the pen pots as well. All covered in tin foil for the victim to find when they get back to their desk!
A very easy to do and quick prank for the office is this picture. Cover your victims cubicle in toilet paper!
A simple but effective office prank on April Fools Day - fill your friend's office cubicle with hundreds of balloons. This will take a few of you to do but is funny when complete!
A hilarious practical joke for April Fools Day is the cups filled with water prank! All you need is hundreds of plastic cups and your bosses office. Then just fill each cup and place them all over the floor and office!
A very funny prank for the office or work place on April Fools Day is to put someone's stapler, mouse, keyboard or anything else in jello or jelly! Then replace it back on their desk for a hilarious reaction when your colleague returns!
Then of course there are Christmas pranks for the office.  There are all sorts of Office Christmas pranks you can pull on your coworkers.  The easiest one is probably wrapping up everything in their cubicle with wrapping paper!
It's even funnier for an office prank if you completely wrap up the cubicle in gift wrap.  This only amplifies the office Christmas pranks!  Instead of wrapping the cubicle with gift wrap for a prank, instead, completely close off the entire cubicle so you actually have to break the gift wrap to get in!  Merry Christmas and prank on!
If you want to completely amplify the Christmas gift wrap cubicle prank, then you can add Christmas lights and line them all the way down your office.  This is the ultimate office Christmas prank because who could ever get mad about some holiday cheer?  The best office pranks are the ones that make people smile and this one is sure to do exactly that.
If you're looking for a more simple office Christmas prank that doesn't require as much work - just wrap your coworker's desk in wrapping paper and not their entire cubicle.  This is a much easier desk prank.
This office Christmas prank is so epic that the prankster should be building trade show booths.  This office prank is perfect.  Whoever did this needs to wrap my Christmas presents this year!
This is a gag gift and a prank at the same time but the gag gift is an office cubicle wrapped in gift wrap for the sake of a prank.  This is one of the best office pranks you can pull.  However, it likely took more time to wrap this office than it did to rip all the beautiful gift wrap down.
If you're looking for more ideas for what type of office Christmas prank you want to pull- the only question you should be asking at this point is what type of gift wrap and what color?  Red will really stand out!
An office prank is always better when your victim enjoys getting pranked.  The last few office Christmas pranks will only be funny if the person you're pranking reacts as lovely as the lady in this picture.
We've been doing this prank for YEARS now.  Before camera phones! Check the date in the left hand corner!


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