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7 Senior Prank Ideas That Will Make You a Legend

7 Senior Prank Ideas That Will Make You a Legend

Posted by Tyler Ward on

One of the best parts of graduating from high school isn’t the graduating part but making senior year one of the best years of your life.  Every senior class wants to make their mark!  They want people to know that the class of 20XX was the BEST SENIOR CLASS EVER!

That’s why so many high schoolers take senior pranks so seriously.  They want the memory of their class to go down in history.  Then they can go on pranking in college.

In fact, this isn’t just a United State phenomenon.  Apparently, Australia does senior pranks so big – they have their own holiday dedicated to it.  They call it Muck-Up Day.

Australians aren’t the only people who dedicate their own day to Senior Pranks.  The United Kingdom also has it’s very own muck-up day.  Normally, this day is organized by the faculty and staff at the high school.

However, in the United States, senior pranks are a little less organized.  That can be a good thing because it lets the students be more creative and unique.  However, it can also be a huge problem.  Students in the past have gotten into major trouble – some have been suspended while others have even been arrested – for taking senior pranks a little too far.  So it’s best to check out our list of senior pranks that probably won’t get you arrested but are sure to piss your teachers off!

Senior Prank Ideas

While everyone loves a good prank – some senior pranks can be a bit over the top and can go too far.  So it’s important to make sure you aren’t an idiot.  The whole idea is to do something different but be sure not get kicked out of school before graduation.  Why put all that work in for nothing?

So we’ve gathered a list of senior pranks along with when and where to do them.

Senior Prank Idea 1:

Toilet Paper Your School Prank

One of the easiest and most obvious pranks is going to be to toilet paper your entire school.  What makes this prank epic is the intensity in which you toilet paper the school.  While you’re unlikely to get in trouble for this, if you take it too far, you could get in trouble for vandalism. 

However, if you’re willing to take the risk, this prank can be funny.  You can toilet paper the trees, light poles, the lawn, the hallways, the fences, the football stadium – EVERYWHERE.  One downside to this senior prank is that it can get a little expensive so make sure someone has access to a Sam’s Club or Costco so you can get all the toilet paper you’ll ever need.

Senior Prank Idea 2:


An easy senior prank to pull off is filling up balloons and putting them EVERYWHERE.  This senior prank idea is a little less likely to get you into any type of serious trouble.  However, similar to the toilet paper prank, how epic and memorable this prank is varies depending on the intensity and quantity.  10 balloons in a hallway?  Not so funny.  10,000 balloons in a hallway, classrooms, and everywhere else – now that’s what I call a prank!

Some students amplify the effect by trashing the hallways as well with newspaper and other items.  This may be a good idea if you can’t get your hands on thousands of balloons.  However, keep in mind, the more “trashed” the corridor is by your epic prank – the more likely you are to get in trouble.

Other options to fill the hallways is beach balls, hay, Styrofoam peanuts, or sand.  Just keep this part tame to avoid getting kicked out of school.

There are all sorts of funny things you can do for senior pranks in your high school hallways.  One of our favorites is to put petroleum jelly on all the door knobs.

Imagine the laugh your class will have when your teacher opens their door to find nothing but balloons everywhere.  Who would ever forget that?  Not the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen.  They’ll remember you forever!

Senior Prank Idea 3:

Car in the Hallway Prank

Want another prank that you can use to cause hallway mayhem?  Get an old scrap car and push it into the high school hallway.  Many high school hallways will fit a car and it will be hilarious when the students hit the halls after the bell to find – A CAR.  Everyone will laugh and think it’s innocent and funny.  It will also be memorable.

Senior Prank Idea 4:

Painted Car Prank

Can’t get a car in your hallway but you love the idea of using an old scrap car to prank your fellow students and teachers?  Take that old car & spray paint it a bright color.  From there get it ANYWHERE that is weird and noticeable.  In the picture attached you’ll see that some students somehow got a car on their school roof.  This is one for the Senior Pranks Hall of Fame!

Senior Prank Idea 5:

Aluminum Foil Prank

This is one of my favorites because it takes less time to do than it does to clean up.  If you wrap everything in the cafeteria or library in aluminum foil, you can make a real mess real fast.  Best of all?  It looks awesome.  Just blame your chemistry teacher for not explaining to you that one of the properties of aluminum’s chemical compound is that it is super hard to clean up.

This is a great senior prank because you can literally wrap ANYTHING in aluminum foil if you have enough of it.  This makes for a memorable senior prank and will prepare you for college, when you can wrap your roommate’s room in aluminum foil.  Or for the real world, when you can wrap your coworker’s things in aluminum foil.

Senior Prank Idea 6:

Soap in Fountain Prank

This is another senior prank that’s easy and has a huge effect.  All you need to do is dump a bunch of soap in a fountain, the more the merrier.  In fact, someone in Cedar Rapids put so much soap in a fountain on a main street, well, here’s what happened.  So if your school has a big fountain you know what to do.  If your school doesn’t have a big fountain then make it huge with a ton of soap.


Senior Prank Idea 7

Cups Filled with Water Prank

This is a classic senior prank.  It’s another one that is inexpensive.  However, you can make it extremely intricate and large scale by just adding a ton of cups.  The best way to pull off this prank is to do it with a few people.  The reason is because it takes just as long to clean up as it does to assemble.  So if 4 people prank 1 person, that is ideal.  If 100 students prank 25 faculty… well, you get the idea.  All you have to do is fill up cups with water halfway and scatter them around a hallway or cafeteria.  Nobody will be able to use the room until it’s cleaned up or the water will spill everywhere.


Again, make sure you don’t get arrested.

Don’t hurt anyone, permanently damage property, do anything that could take days or even weeks to clean up, and don’t harm animals.  There have been times where principals have sent entire classes home.  There have been time where 30 or more seniors were arrested.  So keep it real and don’t be an idiot.  You don’t want your legacy to be that you never graduated.  Below is an example of what not to do.

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