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Two Guys on Reddit Epically Pranked Everyone in Their Office for April Fools

Two Guys on Reddit Epically Pranked Everyone in Their Office for April Fools

Posted by Tyler Ward on

So, first of all, here is the original post:

Historically my coworker Rick and I had a prank war but decided to team up for April Fool's day and take everyone down. This alliance allowed me to gain his trust.

  • ID10T Error: Rick's job was DEV coordinator and he would investigate any error found on our system. I arranged for our day shift team to greet him in the morning with this weird error. We had our entire DEV team trying to figure out where this error was coming from. Rick spent the day running around with his laptop. Around lunch he would abandon our April Fool's mission stating he was "Flat out all day trying to figure out what was going on". He wasn't suspicious at all when I cried from laughing so hard.
  • Interview with a Mr. Harry Bayer: I asked one of our employees to set up an interview with Mr. Bayer and gave him the number of our local wild life park. He paced in front of everyone and called. They had no idea what he was talking about. He was like "A Mr. Harry Bayer, I'm trying to set up an interview for him. The lady on the other end said "I think you've been pranked son"
  • Raining Bouncy Balls: Before Rick abandoned our mission he rigged up a system in the ceiling so when midshift pulled out their chairs, fishing line would tip a bucket of bouncy balls over their pod. The most time consuming but it was great.
  • Fake ads: I set up multiple fake ads on Kijiji (similar to craigslist) with Rick's phone number. One selling a miniature horse and an adorable wagon and another selling his "lady driven Harley" He had calls all day of people trying to buy the horse.
  • Sparkle Markers: I collected all of the used up white board markers, removed their insides and filled them with glitter and put a little bit of glue on the cap so people would use force trying to open them. Glitter everywhere.
  • Slashed Tires: We printed out images or Slash and taped them to tires in the parking lot. I then had a corporate email sent to the staff about the incident.
  • Ncage: Our jobs involved looking at thousands of images everyday. I installed a nCage extension on those who left their computers unlocked which flooded them with an unhealthy number of images of NicCage. 
  • Fake Money: I had some american 1$ bills lying around so I cut them in half and glued a weird picture to the other end and positioned them with only the money sticking out. A few people were so excited to find money. (picture in album)
  • Cups of Water: Also in album, we filled cups with water and filled the hallway outside the boardroom trapping everyone inside. One person had very long legs and managed to walk over it freeing the others. Better execution needed.
  • Glitter tape: I covered tape with glitter and positioned it in doorways at about eye level. People leaving a room would talk directly into it.
  • Marbles in cups: We cut the bottom out of coffee cups, filled them with marbles an left them on desks. People would be delighted to see someone had bought them a coffee, only to pick it up and have it rain marbles.

Not on April Fools but some pranks from previous encounters:

When our company ordered all of it's monitors we had about 80 boxes. Rick built an awesome distraction fort around my desk. When I arrived to backshift I was thrilled to see this sweet fort. He had also spent the day dissembling my filing cabinet drawer and rebuilding it out of wood with a trap door. Distracted by how awesome my fort was I opened my cabinet with enthusiasm which was now filled with marbles and skittles.

Another day Rick managed to find old quality tapes from the former call center that occupied the building before we moved in. I had worked there a few years ago so when he found tapes with my name on them he set up multiple bluetooth speakers and played the tapes. On one I say "I don't know nothing about the internet" Well played.

Now for the pictures...
Raining Bouncy balls
Setting up the raining bouncy balls
Cups filled with water trapping everyone in the boardroom
Slashed tires and sent a company email
Leaving money laying around
Googley Eyes everywhere!
Air horn behind the doors


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