Video Prank - Loud Eating in the Library

Video Prank - Loud Eating in the Library

Posted by Tyler Ward on

According to Benjamin Franklin there are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and quiet libraries. Alright, this writer made up that Benjamin Franklin said that, but we all know libraries are a place of quiet, study, and overworked college students on a caffeine binge.

In JStuStudios iconic video, which has earned over eleven million views, the starring duo set out to ruin the sanctity of the college library in the most annoying way possible: eating loudly. Armed with chips, soda, carrots, and more the pranksters chew and drink as loudly as possible while in the presence of stressed out students. Not only do they make obnoxious sounds, but they also eat as gross as possible (including a face mask of whipped cream).

Using a hidden camera the pranksters capture the reaction of all the students they’re annoying. These reactions are, of course, the funniest parts of the video. For the most part they’re passive and the camera grabs the growing discomfort felt by the students. Very few things are as funny as seeing people try and figure out what is happening. Then in some cases they can’t help but burst in to laughter, which we can’t either!

This prank is easy, safe, and cheap… much like our own!

Happy pranking, friends!


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