Liquid Ass Fart Spray - Gag Gift & Great Prank to Pull on Friends

Liquid Ass Fart Spray - Great Prank to Pull on Friends

Liquid Ass Fart Spray - Great Prank to Pull on Friends
$ 9.95

Liquid ASS is a great prank to pull on friends, coworkers, or even strangers.  It’s a fart spray with endless prank possibilities & is one of the best pranks ever.  You can make any area or room stink of fart, poop, or pure butt for at least 30 minutes.  However, use with discretion because Liquid ASS is so smelly that nobody will be able to use the room for at least 30 minutes.

This is an absolute must for senior pranks.

Liquid ASS is a super-concentrated liquid that is overwhelming.  It’s a literal gag gift because it stinks so bad it makes you gag.  Trying to pull off funny pranks?  Maybe you want to pull off a harmless senior prank.  You can see some examples of how Liquid ASS fart spray has been used as a prank in the extended description.

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Some Youtube Pranksters used Liquid Ass Fart Spray in an elevator to gross out everyone who got on with them with the stinky "Sharticle" smells.  This may be the greatest elevator prank of all time all thanks so Liquid ASS fart spray.


 Another funny practical use of Liquid ASS Fart Spray is this Drive-Thru prank.  These Youtube Pranksters sprayed the Liquid ASS in the bag and asked the Drive-Thru workers, "why does this smell so bad?"


All packaging, shipping, and distribution is completely anonymous - so your victim will never know... unless you let the cat out of the bag!


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