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About Us


 It all started over some beers!  “We should make candles that start out smelling incredible (like Apple Pie) and after a couple hours, smell absolutely terrible (like a Dirty Fart)!”  Nobody actually thought we’d do it.  After all, it was just a drunken joke, right!?  Not quite.  When we finally did pull off the most epic and best prank ever – the world and the internet went crazy!   

That’s how Prank Candles was born!  With lot’s of beer farts and witchcraft! 

It all happened back on April Fools Day in 2015 and after a few large news sites and blogs caught wind of the farticle funniness we were brewing in our warehouse – we had our hands full with thousands of orders of stinky stank candles.  It was insane!  Once our Prank Candle went viral, there was no looking back.  Our website crashed from the traffic flood of epic pranksters.  We didn’t even know how we were going to make them all!  Pranksters from all over the world were buying our candles to give to friends and coworkers or shipping them directly to their victims as a mail order prank.  We, of course, got caught up on everything and to this day, we’re still cooking up stinky scents in the witch’s brew for your nose’s worst nightmare.

This isn’t your typical store, it’s a prank store! 

At Prank Candles, we make gag gifts and novelty items that will make you laugh and will make you cry (laughing).  That’s why we’re doing this - who doesn’t love a good prank?  Who doesn’t love a good laugh?  Well, maybe a scrooge or a jerk doesn’t enjoy a good prank but those are the best kind of people to prank.  Maybe someone should have put the Scrooge in place by giving him a good old fashioned Christmas Prank!

That’s why we serve all kinds! 

Are you looking for funny birthday gifts for him?  We’ve got you! 

Looking for a great Mother’s Day gag gift?  No need to look any further. 

Looking for a novelty gift for an expecting mother?  We’ve got your back!

Over the hill gag gift for the man or woman that has everything? Yep, check!  We’ve got you there too!

Want to make your wife or girlfriend go absolutely crazy searching for where that fart smell is coming from in her house?  Light up a prank candle!  Sit back and let us do the rest.

Want to confuse someone with the gift of nothing at all but an empty box?  You can do that too!  Why? Because the confusion of getting nothing lingers on longer than the stinky smell of meat farts after Thanksgiving!

While our original product was our famous Prank Candle that put us on the map, we had a greater vision of becoming the best prank website on the internet. As we grew, we expanded to other mail order pranks, gag gifts, novelty gifts, and some really cool prank items.  We’re not looking to just have the best prank website online but are looking to help you pull off your own perfect prank and best prank ever!

And we did it! IS the coolest prank websites on the internet & our prank products ARE hilarious.  Our blog will give you good prank ideas and pranks to pull on your friends and coworkers.  Our product collections include prank products for April Fools Day, great office pranks, gag gifts for men, funny gifts for women, and funny white elephant gifts.

Ship Your Friends Nothing came about later on in our expansion when we were looking to add the best pranks ever to our website!  Our mail order pranks are one of a kind!  Our gag gifts strive to be different.  We don’t want to just sell you a whoopee cushion – we’re better than that!  We want to do something different, something better!

That’s why Prank Candles isn’t just about joke gifts and silly gifts.  It’s about funny gifts and hilarious gifts.  Maybe we should say the funniest gifts ever!  This epic joke shop has a wide assortment of novelty gifts, gag gifts, funny gifts for men, fun gifts for men, funny gifts for women, fun gifts for women, and a ton of incredible gag gifts!  Don’t have what you’re looking for?  Shoot us an email – our customer service team is here to tickle your fancy.

Oh, and by the way, we’re perfect for office gifts!  Our office gag gifts make for the best office pranks!  Want to pull a revenge prank on your boss?  Sure, we’ve got you. Just don’t get fired!

Looking for the perfect white elephant gift?  Sit back and laugh while our deliciously scented candles get passed around.  You’ll be the only one who knows the truth that underneath the wonderfully fragrant top layer is a very stinky candle. 

The funniest gag gift story we’ve ever heard is when someone “regifted” our prank candles.  That happens a good bit actually.  Maybe the best prank isn’t when your victim burns one of our prank candles but when they unexpectedly prank, say, their uptight mother or grandma!

Our collection of odd gifts aren't just adult gag gifts though.  This is a safe for work environment (sometimes) & we also have good pranks for kids.  

Do kids burn candles?  Sure, unless they want their rooms to smell like body odor and stale junk food.  

Does your teenage daughter burn too many candles?  This prank will put a stop to that very quickly!

So whether you're looking for wedding jokes or funny pranks for kids, you've come to the right spot! 

As we grow, so do our prank products and funny services!  What’s always most important is, you, they customer!  So, sit back, relax, and laugh a little while you browse the best prank website on the internet.  And prank hard… prank very hard!