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April Fools Day

April Fools Day Pranks

April Fools’ Days is  just once a year but that doesn’t make it any less significant. After all, some of the most important holidays ever are just one day a year. Look at Christmas, New Years Eve and Halloween. We put months of preparation into these events. All this just for twenty-four hours of celebration. So why is April Fools Day any different? Trick question. It's not.


You might not take April fools’ pranks seriously but perhaps it’s high time you should. After all, laughter is the best medicine. There are studies showing how laughter eases our anxiety and even helps out with certain diseases. Go ahead. Look it up. The facts are all there. Therefore, there is no excuse to sit out April fools.


If you don’t know where to begin  than you’ve come to the right place. Not only are we going to look at the history of April fools pranks, but you’ll get some awesome April fools prank ideas. Hopefully, this will fuel your creativity so you can deliver the best April fools pranks to all your friends and family next time the holiday comes around.


The History of April Fools Pranks


For all the fellow pranksters out there, you know April Fools Day is a big deal. Many of you have probably spent countless hours brainstorming April fools prank ideas. Whether it was something small, like putting toothpaste in your friends Oreo or something bigger like filling their cars with dead fish, there are so many April fools pranks one can do. Despite how fun this holiday is, do you actually know why we partake in this crazy holiday? You're about to find out.


April Fools pranks all started thanks to an error. A French error nonetheless (leave it to them right?). In 1582 (just 90 years after Columbus sailed the ocean blue), France made the switch from a Julian calendar to the Gregorian one. Hence, New Year’s day moved from April 1st to January 1.


This lead some to believe April Fools pranks began once people continued to celebrate the New Year on April 1st because they didn’t know about the change yet. These “fools” were mocked by others which eventually evolved to people playing pranks on them. The first April fools pranks involved people sticking fish to the fools back. This symbolizes being gullible and easily caught. Much like a fish. This tradition is still observed by people in France, Belgium and certain regions of Canada and Switzerland.


This is just one theory though. Historians also say April fools pranks started with the Roman festival called “Hilaria.” In this festival, people dressed up to celebrate the resurrection of the God Attis. Hilaria is known as Roman Laughing Day and is celebrated on March 25th. However, people continued dressing up all the way until April 1. Therein lies the link.


With further research, one can find all sorts of stories describing the history of April Fools pranks. That’s enough about history though. Now, that you are educated on that portion, it’s time to dig in and gather some April fools prank ideas. After this, your arsenal will be so stacked, you’ll be the king of April fools pranks for years to come.


April Fools Prank Ideas


If you want to cement yourself in the history books of April fools pranks, you’ll need some great April fools prank ideas. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place. The beauty of all these pranks is they are harmless (well, sort of). Either way, they’ll get an amazing laugh and that’s what this day is all about right? Let’s stop wasting time and dig into it all.


  1. Turn Your Friend’s Keyboard Into a Garden

Growing grass out of a computer keyboard? Sounds like a weird idea right? Well, it is. Most of these April fools prank ideas are weird. Forget that part though and just focus on the humor.


So, to pull this one off, you need your friend to be away for a little while. When the moment finally comes, get their computer keyboard, and plant some seeds in between the keys. Now, spray that thing down with water, cover with plastic wrap and put it in a sunny window. You want this to be one of the best April fools pranks so be patient young one.


Now, when your friend gets back from vacation, a nice, green grass keyboard awaits. We are just getting started.


  1. Febreze Hand Grenade


If you are looking for one of those harmless April fools pranks, then this is the one for you. Unlike many other April fools pranks that utilize bad smells, this one uses something nice. Furthermore, this prank is easy to set up. All you need is a bottle of Febreeze and a zip tie.


Now, simply put the zip tie around the trigger until it starts spraying the mist nonstop. Throw it in the room of your choice and run! Whoever is in the room will be confused as they rush around trying to find a way to end all this crazy nonsense. Meanwhile, you’ll be laughing your tail off at your genius April fools prank ideas.


  1. Sticky Note Car


The best April fools pranks are the ones that take the most effort. IF you have the time and energy, give this prank a try. Does your friend's car need a new paint job? Probably not, but that’s too bad because it’s about to get one.


To get started on this one, go to your nearest office supply store and stock up on sticky notes of all colors. Then, when your family member or friend is not around, cover their entire car in the colorful sticky notes. Now, it’s only up to you to chill and wait for their reaction.


(Warning: Awesome April fools prank ideas like this cause the victim to go through various emotions. Proceed with caution).


  1. Rainbow Windshield Washer


Before you attempt this prank, you should know that not all April fools prank ideas are 100% safe. Hence, go easy with this one. If done correctly, it will be one of the best April fools pranks you can make.


Alright, so to begin, just get some red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple paint. Now, squirt some (in that order) right under the windshield wiper. Next time they go to use their windshield wipers, a nice, rainbow streak will go across their windshield. If it’s raining, it will be rather short lived, but they’ll be surprised nonetheless.


  1. Nail Polish Soap


As promised, here are some more April fools prank ideas. Compared to the last one, this is harmless. However, it might make someone smells pretty bad so hopefully, that’s not your roommate. Anyway, all this one requires is a  bar of soap, clear nail polish and a few minutes of your time.


So for this one, just grab a bar of soap and cover it all with clear nail polish. Leave it in the shower for the next unsuspecting victim. Just don’t forget it’s in there when you use it. Surely, it’s happened before.


  1. Air Horn Seat


Sometimes the best April fools prank ideas are the loudest ones. Take this prank for example. If you want to scare the living snot out of your coworkers, duct tape an air horn to the bottom of their swivel chair. For this to work properly, the chair must be one of those adjustable ones that move up and down. When someone sits on it, it should go down just a small amount and a small amount is all you need.


By placing the horn right beneath the seat, when someone sits down, the pressure of their weight will sound off the horn and send your coworker flying into the air. Well, not literally but they’ll definitely be scared.


The best April fools pranks are simple ones like this. No one gets hurt but everyone can share in a good laugh, gaff, and goof. We’re not done with April fools prank ideas yet. Keep reading for some clever tricks that will make you the best prankster ever.


  1. Prank Your Narcissistic Friend


Everyone has a narcissistic friend. If you don’t have one, well sorry to break it to you but that person is you. If you do have one though, then listen up because this is about to get real.


The first step of this is finding your narcissistic friends room, car or office. Now, wait until they are gone and tape picture of themselves all over the area. They will be so overwhelmed with themselves they won’t know what to do. Perhaps they will even like it a little. If so, then they have a serious problem. Either way, it’s going to be extremely funny for all parties involved.


  1. Cold Cotton Balls On A Car


There are literally millions of April fools prank ideas but let's just end this list here. Again, this is another easy one. That is unless you're living in a warm weather climate. Yes, for this prank, you need to be in a place that gets below freezing.


Alright, so begin by getting a bunch of cotton balls. Dip them all in water, and stick them on a friend's (or enemies) car. Overnight, they will freeze, leaving a cotton mess all over the car. This is easily one of the best April fools prank ideas around. Although, your friend certainly won’t think so!


Hopefully, this list of April fools prank ideas was enough to get you started. However, we still have some work to do. What makes a prank one of the best April fools pranks? That’s a great question. Let’s go over that right now.


The Formula For the Best April Fools Pranks


Most people don’t take April Fools pranks seriously. It’s just a sad reality. To these people, the best April fools pranks are no different from the worst April fools prank ideas. That’s why it’s tough to weed through all the amateurs on April fools day. However, if you have the patience and desire, you can be an expert prankster. The best April fools pranks are not impossible to obtain. All it takes is a thing called knowledge.


If you want to deliver the best April fools pranks, you have to be careful. The trick is finding a prank that’s large enough to cause a shock, but not so big that you’ll blow your cover before the prank even occurs. That seems easy enough right? Well, not exactly. The Best April Fools pranks take careful planning and dedication.


For example, let’s say you have a target for your prank. A good way to surprise them is pranking in their comfort zone. Yeah, you may not be on your home turf, but it’s the perfect area where they will least expect it. Of course, this will take a great deal more effort but you definitely want the art of surprise on your side.


Speaking of surprise, here is one particular surprise that will blow someone’s mind. Call it cheating if you want but some of the best April fools pranks ever don’t even happen on April 1st. Instead, they happened the day after. Yeah, there’s that element of surprise thing we just talked about. If you think it’s cheating, it’s not.


Today, pranks are a large part of popular culture. Prank channels on Youtube are blowing up and hidden camera prank shows have been around on TV for a while now.  Hence, pranksters have to up their game a bit if they want a good response. Furthermore, what we consider “ a prank” these days is ridiculous. Some people just pass off being a jerk as a great prank. Sorry to break it to you all but that doesn't count. The best April fools pranks are not the mean ones.


Hopefully, by now, you have all the information you need to pull the best April fools pranks around. If not, then you didn’t pay attention to this article and don't deserve to be a prankster anyway. Good night and good luck everyone.