The Only List of Drunk Pranks You'll Ever Need - NSFW

The Only List of Drunk Pranks You'll Ever Need - NSFW


If there are two things college students LOVE to do – it’s drink and pull funny pranks on each other.  Often, these two activities go hand in hand.  Especially when folks have had a little too much to drink, that’s when the drunk pranks begin. 

Normally, all you need in order to pull off a funny drunk prank is a passed-out friend and a permanent marker.  Because of its simplicity, the permanent marker prank is one that will last for as long as permanent markers. 


Other types of pranks people pull on each other is duck taping them to a chair or putting them in a position where it’s tough to move.  Be careful when you’re pulling a drunk prank that you don’t put you victim in the way of harm.  Sometimes, people need medical attention instead of being the butt of a joke or a prank.  Other times, drunk pranks can simply go too far – and keep in mind your victim is defenseless when they are passed out drunk.  Anything sexual can quickly and easily move into the illegal category.

Here is a funny example of a duct tape prank:


Here is a perfect example of when the drunk duct tape prank may have hilariously gone a little too far:


Here is an example of a drunk prank you should NEVER DO:



Keep it clean.

However, if you keep it clean and your victim isn’t a victim of alcohol poisoning, keeping drunk pranks clean and harmless can be a ton of fun.

So have fun and stay safe like these innocent drunks:


So what exactly is a drunk prank?


Drunk pranks are pranks you pull on friends when they get too drunk and pass out early from a party.  When I was in college, the rule was if you passed out with your shoes on, it was game on.  When your friend is so drunk they are fast asleep, the opportunities are endless for pranks.  For instance, if you need any examples of drunk pranks, Pinterest has thousands of drunk prank pictures.

Beware of falling victim to a drunk prank or passed out prank yourself.  Alcohol is relatively safe if you don’t go overboard with it.  However, everyone drinks too much from time to time & that is when you open yourself up to having drunk pranks pulled on you.  Normally, when you get too drunk and pass out somewhere you aren’t supposed to, you become prone to getting pranked.  You’re passed out, defenseless, and an open canvas to anyone with a Sharpie.  If you’ve never had a drunk prank pulled on you it’s because you haven’t lived.


However, it’s not just college students that love to drink and pull off drunk pranks and passed out pranks.  It’s everyone.  Even billionaires’ daughters and socialites get too drunk and pass out in the wrong places from time to time.

In college, my professor had an interesting theory that beer or booze were what cultivated the birthplace of civilization.  His theory was that because humans are naturally crazy, we avoid each other.  However, we LOVE booze.  And once upon a time, some vases of stored up food turned into vinegar, and then they turned into booze.  Someone drank it & alcohol was born.  This person who was the first drunk showed it to their best friend.  This person showed it to another friend.  Now people were gathering around the vases and partying.   This is what created cities, they started as parties.  While it may seem farfetched, beer recipes have been discovered at the birthplace of various civilizations which makes me wonder if my professor was onto something.

Today is no different.  Just like ancient times, every day, especially on weekends, people all over the planet get together, drink, and party.  That means every day presents new opportunities to pull off epic drunk pranks on your passed-out friends.


With that said, we’ve compiled a list of drunk pranks pictures that are sure to make you laugh and give you ideas on how to pull drunk pranks on your friends. 

We learned from our readers that any pranks involving too much duct tape or saran wrap can easily suffocate your victim – so don’t go overboard or your friend may never wake up.


Instead you can just put your drunk friend in a carboard box like this British guy when his friends pulled a great drunk prank on him.

Here are some of the funniest pictures of the pranks that have been done to guys and girls who always get too drunk and pass out!





These people are so drunk that they pass out and don't have a clue what is happening to them!





Here are some more hilarious pictures of crazy drunk pranks by pranksters on their passed-out friends! These pranksters have taken the drawing on their drunk friend with a Sharpie to another level!









After these party drink too much and pass out, their friends seize the opportunity to have a bit of fun with them!



This college guy gets wrapped to a seat with cling film when he passes out from drinking too much!  Note: this picture is funny but this drunk prank probably isn’t safe.


Here is a safer version of the duct tape chair prank.


And here is a drunk prank where the guy is seriously pissed off.


Here are more pics of crazy passed out drunk friends, pranked by their roommates! One guy on the floor passed out with bottles and rubbish piled on top of him. Another guy passed out and mates play tricks on him and take a priceless picture! Very funny real drunk college pranks!



These are pictures of the funniest passed out drunk people getting pranked! These are real pictures of drunk guys and girls who have been pranked when they pass out. These are some crazy pranks! There is the classic drawing on your mate with a marker pen prank plus some other funny pranks.








Hilarious pictures of the funniest drunk and passed out pranks! All these people have gotten so drunk and been messed with once they have passed out by their mates! There is the classic marker pen drunk prank and some hilarious saran wrap cling film pranks on drunk guys! Maybe you'll get some funny ideas for pranks to do to your passed out friend!