Facebook Pranks

Facebook is one of the most commonly used communication mediums in the world. Like every communication medium in the past and every one that comes in the future, it’s ripe for a good prank. Prank Calls? Check. Text message pranks? Yep, those worked too. So, it’s no wonder that Facebook pranks would become extremely popular. Because Facebook pranks are hilarious and Facebook pranks work!
Whether you’re trying to get revenge on someone and want to start an all out prank war, or just some harmless fun – Facebook was bred for pranking!
What’s best? Facebook pranks are hilariously and easy. If someone leaves their Facebook logged on and isn’t around to monitor what you’re doing, make a funny prank post that they may not see for a little while.
That’s amateur hour compared to more large scale Facebook pranks.
Like any good prank, a good Facebook prank takes time and planning.
We’ve compiled a ton of Facebook pranks – everything from the quick, easy, and dirty to large scale Facebook pranks that will leave your victim’s head spinning. 


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