Office Pranks

The office. A cold, gray, dreary environment with the sole purpose of sucking the last pieces of life from your decaying corpse. Why would anyone want to work here you ask? Certainly, it’s not for the paycheck. No amount of money is worth working in an office. The only reason people put up with these Hellish environments is for one reason and one reason only.


Office pranks. You’ve been on one side of them at some point or another. It seemed like there was a time when office pranks were about to die out but thanks to the popular show (and appropriately named) The Office, office pranks are trending more than ever before. Jim Halpert inspired many office prankers with his hilarious and creative office prank ideas.


What makes the best office pranks though? The experts make it look easy but a great deal of thought and skill is required to perfect the best office pranks. Today, we’re doing a deep dive on everything you need to know about office pranks. By the end, you’ll be a lean, clean (and possibly mean) pranking machine.


The Various Types Of Office Pranks


The number of office prank ideas is completely limited to your imagination. That being said, office pranks generally fall into four categories. Follow these guidelines to get ahead of everyone with the best office pranks around.



    To deliver the best office pranks, you need to utilize each and every tool at your disposal. Seeing as computers are in every office, this makes for some of the best office prank ideas. This method is especially effective on those who are bad with technology. For a simple prank, try switching the computer background image with that of an error message.


Mind Games

    Some of the best office pranks around involve mind games. The goal here is to get deep inside the mind of your target so they begin to question their very own reality. Go easy on them though. There's a fine line between playing a mind prank and become a psychopath. For innocent office pranks like this, try moving their computer just an inch every day until it’s way out of place.


Excessive Pranks

    These pranks take a lot of time and effort but it’s all worth it to see the end result. This is a large class of office pranks but the only rule is just to buy a whole bunch of everything. For example, fill the entire office with 1000 balloons or cover your coworker's desk entirely in sticky notes. As far as office prank ideas go, this one is excessive but it’s always a good laugh.


Office Supplies Pranks

    Office pranks don’t always have to target your coworkers. Come on. Give them a break every now and then. Hence, if you’re searching for more office prank ideas, turn your attention to the office supplies. Whether it’s messing with the office chairs, putting calculators in food items or coating all the pens in clear nail polish, little pranks like these will drive people crazy.


Now, let's look at some more examples of classic office pranks.


Classic Office Pranks


Of all the best office pranks out there, only a select few stand the test of time. So to give you more office prank ideas, here are ten classics you will surely love.


  1. The Fake Phone Message

When it comes to office prank ideas, this one is completely harmless but all too hysterical. To start, get the phone number to some place like the local aquarium. Give that number to your coworker and tell them to call and ask for a Mr. C. Lyon. Then, just sit back and watch the prank take over.


  1. Loud Noises

Some of the best office pranks stem from something simple, like a loud noise. If you want to scare the living heck out of your co-workers, give this one a try. Go buy an air horn and some duct tape. Now, tape it to the wall behind a door so that when someone opens the door, the knob hits the top of the air horn button, causing it to sound off.


  1. Change An Email Signature

This one takes a little bit of tech knowledge, but once completed, it's easily one of the best office pranks around. For those working in an office, you probably have seen some coworker with an automated email signature like "All the best, Mike Reilly." If you can, try changing it to something like “I love your butt, (their name).”


  1. Create A New Desktop Folder

This is one of the easiest office prank ideas to do. Just go on to your coworker's computer and open up a new folder right on their desktop. Something like “XXX ALIEN PORN NUDE PICS 420” will work wonders. Bonus points if you can get other people to see it on there too.


  1. The Old Coin Trick

Another oldie but a goodie here. This is surely one of the easiest office pranks in history but it works without fail. Simply glue a coin down on the ground in a busy area. Now, just sit back and watch how many people bend down and try to pick it up.


  1. Wireless Mouse Prank

For this one, just set up a wireless mouse to your coworker's computer. From your desk, give the mouse a wiggle every now and then and watch the bewilderment take place.


  1. Phone Glue Prank

Still, want more office prank ideas? Of course, you do! Don’t worry, we are not done yet. Let’s continue with the beloved phone glue prank. If any of your coworkers have a phone, glue the handset to the base. Now, just call their number and watch as they pick up the entire device! Obviously, wait for the glue to dry first you dummies.


  1. The Wrong Number Prank

This one takes some dedication but once again, the payoff is great. Prank call one of your coworkers all day and keep asking for someone named “Mike”. They will constantly say “wrong number” and continue on with their work in frustration. Then, at the end of the day, call the coworker again pretending to be a guy named Mike and ask if there are any messages left for him.


  1. Sticky Office Supplies

Some of the best things in life are the most simple. Take this prank for example. Just glue each and every item your coworker has onto their desk. Then, let the binding chemicals do the rest.


  1. Celebrity Obsession Prank

Do you have a coworker with a celebrity obsession? Well, they do now! To pull this one off, just collect hundreds of images of a certain celebrity. Then come into work early and tape the images all over their desk. Suddenly they are now an obsessive fan in the eyes of everyone in the office.


What Makes For The Best Office Prank Ideas?


Hopefully, by now, you’ve seen a wide array of office prank ideas. However, what makes for the very best office prank ideas? That is a complicated question. See, the best office pranks require a certain amount of discipline and creativity. Anybody can walk around being a jerk to their coworkers but that doesn’t always make for a good time.


If you want to be known as the “king champion office prankster” but still receive some respect, you need to follow some rules. For one, understand the goal of a prank. The best office pranks have one goal in mind, and that is humor. Hence, when coming up with office prank ideas, make sure the end result is humor. More importantly, make sure that humor doesn’t come at the expense of anyone. Sure, someone has to be a target but it shouldn’t damage them in any serious way.


An ideal situation at the end of the prank is laughter all around. Perhaps it takes a minute for your coworker to realize what happened but ultimately, they should find the prank funny too. The best office pranks are the ones that everyone can enjoy.


Going off that point, try putting some real thought into your pranks. As stated before, any old jerk can go around pulling down pants and spit in someone's lunch. That’s not funny. That’s just mean. The best office pranks are an art form. Really sit down and brainstorm something is a creative piece. You want people to remember this prank as one of those high-quality pranks. You want them to tell their kids, their grandkids and their grandkids kids about this amazing prank. You have a chance to go down in prank history. Don’t ruin that opportunity with a cheap, thoughtless prank.


Office Pranks Can Get You Fired (Here Are Some That Won’t)


As we just discussed, mean office pranks are not only mean, they can get you in trouble. Getting fired for something stupid like an office prank just isn’t worth it. So if you are short on harmless office prank ideas, here are some to get you started.


  1. Fake Orange Juice Prank

To start our list of harmless office prank ideas, stock up on some Kraft Mac and Cheese? Why’s that you ask? Well, we are about to make orange juice. Just mix up some water and that lovely cheese powder and suddenly, you have “orange” juice. Technically, it’s not wrong. It is the color orange. It certainly doesn’t taste like it anymore though. Is it one of the best office pranks? That’s debatable. But it’s a solid goof that will get some laughs and gaffs.


  1. Caramel Onion Pranks

Following the trend of gross office prank ideas, we have the infamous caramel onion. Do you know what a caramel apple is? Great, then you know what a caramel onion is. That’s right. Just dip a bunch of onions in caramel and serve them at your next office Halloween party. This one will easily make your list of best office pranks. Keep reading for more great office prank ideas like this one.

  1. Sugar-Free Gummy Bear Prank

Here is a little secret for you. Haribo Sugar-Free gummy bears are known for their gas producing quality. So if you want some sneaky office prank ideas, try this one out. Just stick a bowl of the sugar-free bears out on your desk and watch as your unsuspecting coworkers raid the dish for tasty treats. All seems well now but give it time. Soon, the entire office will fill up with stinky, human gas. If you want this to be one of the best office pranks though, make sure you leave the room.

  1. Toothpaste Oreo Cookies

Oreo cookies are notoriously bad for your teeth. So, make some toothpaste cookies to help you your coworkers. Simultaneously, this makes for some good office prank ideas. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Just scrape out the vanilla filling and replace with white toothpaste. Your coworkers will surely be disgusted but they should really thank you. You’re helping their teeth after all and creating laughter in the office. Everybody wins!


Hopefully, now, you have some great ideas for the best office pranks around. Just remember to prank responsibly everyone and above all, have fun!