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Prank Candle at the Office

Prank Candles

This is one of those chances in life.  One of your moments.

Prank Candles start out smelling great (on the top layer) and then smell terrible after a few hours.

Apple Pie to Dirty Fart

Fresh Roses to Butt Crack

This is one of those chances in life.  One of your moments.

This hand-crafted candle literally starts out smelling like the sweet scent of Apple Pie and turns into Dirty Fart after about an hour or two.  This isn't just a poop scented candle.  The top layer smells pleasant & incredible prompting your unsuspecting victim to light it at a dinner party, on a date, when they are relaxing, or any inopportune time to get pranked.  Our patented process creates a clear and distinct switch from good to bad scent.

The packaging is great - it's a large candle that looks like you bought it at a high end department store. This is the easiest prank to pull ever – just light a candle and wait.  Your victim will never know where the stank is coming from.

You're about to embark on a wonderful and hilarious journey. Often - our customers will report that their victims will initially thank them because it's "the best candle they've ever burned."  Because of this, they're even less likely to blame the candle when they think, "WTF is that smell?"

Our Prank Candles are made with 100% soy wax, stearic acid, fragrance, and of course a wick.  


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  1. Prank candle with unassuming label
  2. Changes from good to bad after about an hour
  3. Smells like sweet apple pie at first
  4. Turns into a smelly, dirty fart after an hour / two
  5. Hilarious Hand-crafted prank candle
  6. Large candle with 6.3 ounce wax weight
  7. Create a funny memory that lasts a lifetime
  8. Anonymous Packaging and Shipping





Great customer service!

The Prank Candles guys were extremely professional and on top of their game. Great service!!




Works great!

Prank candles worked great! Took my friend a while to figure out where it was coming from.





Field tested and approved by me at a local tavern for April Fool's day. It smells like fresh a$$.

We also back our products with a full satisfaction guarantee.


Is this real?

That's the first question everyone asks. Of course it's real! You've probably seen switch scent candles before (aka layered candles). We were just the first to use that technology and design function for prank candles. Our candles start out smelling great, and then they smell terrible. If you order one of these for yourself (aka if you're weird) or a frenemy, you're going to get a REAL candle that starts out smelling great, and then, WTF!?

How does it work?

The candles start out smelling incredible. Then, they take a turn for the worst (like just about every horror movie ever written). They are 40% great smelling and 60% "WTF" smelling. We simply poured the rank smell first, let it dry, and then, applied the delicious cover-up. All you have to do is buy it, give us a name and address for delivery, and rest easy knowing someone is in for a good prank right when they least expect it!

Who would I buy this for?

WTF kind of question is that? You can buy them for a friend as a good ole' fashioned prank. You can buy them for an enemy as an anonymous "I hate you." The possibilities are as endless or as limited as your imagination. Did your girlfriend dump you? Buy her a candle which she's sure to light just when the moment is right with someone else. Got turned down for a great job? Let the hiring manager know how much it stinks. Terrible service at a bar or restaurant? Just make a switch with the votives they have on deck, and bounce.

Good luck and be sure to send us your success stories so we can post them here.


Will they know it's from me?

It's completely anonymous! So, no, unless you let the cat out of the bag!  We promise we'll keep your identity anonymous outside of a court order in which you violate a Restraining Order (in which case you suck anyway and we'd be glad to snitch on creepy punks)! 

How good do our candles smell when they're good?

When they start burning, they smell better than angel perfume, vanilla fields, or Dr. Avery Gilbert's secret stash of incense. Honestly though, who cares how good they smell when they are good? That's not why you're buying them! It's only 40% of the candle, or a few hours of burn time, and then the fun really starts.

How bad do they smell when they're bad?

They smell worse than Satan's powder room in the burning pits of hell after an all-night bender with spicy wings, bean dip, and too much beer. ‘Stank breath’ should be called demon breath. ‘Dirty fart’ could be called elephant diarrhea. ‘Sweaty gym socks’ smell worse than the kid in your P.E. class whose mom never washed his uniform all year round. These scents are guaranteed to make anyone say, "WTF!?"

How long does it take for the stank?

It's a 30 hour burn and 40% of that burn time is the good smell. However, it burns in terms of volume and if you think about a candle burning, the middle sinks first, leaving room on the sides. So probably 3-4 hours before it smells like a weird mix of, first instance, apple pie and fart, and maybe 8-10 hours before it's full-on WTF!?

 If you're unhappy with your purchase for any reason, let us know and we'll fix it!