Funny Prank Videos

There are hundred of thousands of prank videos on Youtube that have hundreds of millions of hits.  In fact, if you tried to watch all of the Prank Videos available for your consumption on the internet - you'd die before you finished. From Jack Vale to Roman Atwood - some of the personalities behind famous Youtube prank accounts have become cult celebrities.  For instance, the couple responsible for PrankvsPrank have nearly 10 million subscribers on YouTube!

Needless to say, as a society, we love pranks.  

Watch Prank Videos to get the Best Ideas for Funny Pranks

You are a lover of funny pranks. That's why you’re here in the first place. Ever since you were but a wee child, funny pranks inspired every bone in your body. Remember that time you put dead jellyfish in Uncle Hank’s shoes?  Nobody forgets. Or the time you filmed that prank video of your older brother farting all over your sister's science project? Well, now you're now older in age but you still have that childish pranking spark inside of you that never left. There are funny pranks in there just waiting to release themselves into the world. So why don't you go and film prank all your co-workers and friends? Well, sadly, you’ve hit a dead end. It’s ok. It happens to even the best pranksters out there.

However, there is a solution.

Not only is Prank Candles the premier place to buy prank gifts but it’s also a fantastic place to find inspiration for your funny pranks. On our site, you can watch a wide variety of the best prank videos on the internet.  Whether it’s a scary prank video, harmless prank videos or oven of those down right catastrophic prank videos, (you know the type) you can find the best here. So wait no more for funny pranks to unleash on the world - we got you fam.

Gone are the days of the fart cushion and chair thumbtacks. Maybe those were funny pranks back in the day, but this is a strange new world & prank videos are taking on new life. With people faking their own deaths to playing with social norms in the name of "social experimentation" just for a few laughs, it’s a hard world to compete. Hence, to pull off a good prank, you need ample inspiration. So get to work.

The Current State of Funny Pranks and Prank Video Empires

Youtube started out as a place for losers to post their stupid cat videos and baby movies but (thankfully) it’s grown up since then. With the right skills, anyone can find just about anything on YouTube. Whether it’s how to get away with murder, how to grow weed plants, how to clip your dog’s ass creepy videos of people dying, creepy videos of people being born, creepy videos of people drinking coffee, creepy videos of….well, hopefully, you get the point now.

YouTube is a source for anything interesting, sad, scary and of course, funny.

That means if you love funny pranks, you’ll love YouTube. In fact, prank videos aren’t  just limited to YouTube. You can find a prank video just about anywhere on the web these days. With more people catching on and more people loving pranks - this gave birth to the funny prank video empire. 

When you think of “empire” what do you think of? You think Darth Vader. Ancient Rome. The New York Yankees.’ The Big Mac sauce secret recipe. Essentially, empires represent dominance in their specific fields. With the popularity of funny pranks and prank videos, prank video empires are taking off left and right.  

Funny pranks are just like you and me. They evolve over time and have come a long way since their simple, humble beginnings. Years ago you might have seen someone take a cream pie to the face (or something of that nature). While those funny pranks are timeless, they don’t cut it in today’s hardcore prank video scene.  Today, there are complex funny pranks of all kinds.

To get an idea of how far we’ve come, take this example. One girl wanted to “prank” her boyfriend by setting up a fake cheating scenario. You can only imagine the whirlwind of stress and emotion that poor man went through just for a few laughs. That’s the current state of prank videos today and it’s the foundation of the prank video empires. Of course, not all funny pranks are so cruel and punishing as this. Some are just good natured and harmless. Others, go to the point of no return. These uncontrollable prank videos take on a life of their own usually through the vessel of “prank wars”.

Let’s say your friend makes you a nice breakfast of eggs, toast, and jam. Instead of the jam, though, that sneaky bastard put anchovy flavored tomato paste (yes, that exists) on your toast. You make a sour face and laugh it off but that’s not the end. Oh no, it’s far from it. To get him back, you fill his entire car with balloons. But that’s only to distract him from the dead cats rotting away in the trunk. Things then get a little more heated as you and your friend exchange increasingly painful “funny pranks”. By the end of it all, you have a hell of a prank video but one less friend. But who needs friends when you are starting your very own prank video empire? At the top, you don’t need friends.


The World Best Funny Pranks: Top 10 Funny Pranks on YouTube


So far we’ve talked a lot about funny pranks. If you are really serious about being a prank video God or Goddess, though, you need some visual examples. Sure, you could go your whole life learning on the street but do you really want to end up like your Uncle Hank? Uncle Hank thinks collecting boogers and sticking them on pizza is a good prank. While it’s not a bad one, Uncle Hank could learn a thing or two from the great prank videos on YouTube. Hence, here is a comprehensive list of only the best funny pranks on the web. If you have any future in creating prank videos, then this is a list you absolutely need to see. Your life depends on it. Well, not really, but just watch it because it’s funny.


  1. “Holding People’s Hands” - LAHWF


Prank videos empire LAWHF has many popular prank videos out there but perhaps none are funnier than their “Holding People’s Hands” prank. As you can imagine, the video is pretty self-explanatory. Imagine you’re walking down the street on a beautiful sunny day. You have a strawberry pizza flavored ice cream cone in one hand and sweaty palm in the other. You’re imagining your fake significant other walking next to you on this lovely day but you are a loser and that person doesn’t exist.


Suddenly, a real hand grasps yours and it’s no dream. It's just some dude you don’t know. How do you react? Do you roll with it because this person might be a crazed, drug addled lunatic ready to snap? Or perhaps you slap him away in disgust because he smells like garlic and Cheetos. If the suspense is killing you, just check out these prank videos to see the end result.


  1. “Farting in an Elevator 4” - Jack Vale Films


What makes elevators such classic locations for funny pranks? Is it the forced isolation? Is it the unwritten rule of mandatory silence in an elevator? Whatever the answer is, there's no doubt it’s a prime spot for prank videos. Hence, Jack Vale took to the lift for some fantastic adventures.


In this video, Vale farts upon unsuspecting riders while secretly filming their reaction. Surprisingly, everyone was quite cool with it but you could cut the awkward in the air with a dull knife. Whether that analogy makes any sense is irrelevant right now. All that matters is farts are funny and these prank videos proves it.


  1. “Black Friday Shopping Prank”- Mediocre Films


Ah, Black Friday. It’s the wonderful day after Thanksgiving for when we put aside our thanks and trade it for bloodthirsty consumerism. You’d be hard pressed to find humor on this dark and depressing day but the folks at Mediocre Films somehow shed some light on it all with prank videos.


In their prank videos, they approached some big-box store employees with a list of obscure items. Ankle grease? Aisle 2. Turtle mix? Pet section. Rubber leggings? They had it. You’d be surprised just how little these employees cared about these fake items. It just goes to show that faking it until you make it really does pay off. Take that as some advice kids. For those pursuing their dream job of working at Wal-mart, the learning curve is non-existent.


  1. “Miami Zombie Attack Prank” - VITALYZDTV


Remember in 2012 when some guy jacked up on bath salts ate the face of another man in Florida? Don't you? Well, it happened and people thought it was some kind of a zombie attack. It wasn’t but Florida is full of weird people so who really knows what’s going on. Hence, it’s a prime spot for prank videos.


The pranksters at VITALYZDTZ decided to capitalize on this paranoia with some prank videos of their own. In these funny pranks, a seemingly zombie-fied bro chased down people in Miami with successful results. Nearly all of them ran from their pathetic little lives in hopes of escaping this mangled mess of a man. Of course, it was all fake but what would you do in that situation? Yeah, you think you're a tough guy now but you’d do the same thing, you big wuss. It’s all in good humor though so grab a beer and chill out.


  1. “Cops Get Owned” - Roman Atwood Pranks


If anyone deserves to get owned by prank videos, it’s your perverted Uncle Hank who always grabs you by the ear in a strangely sexual way. After him, though, the next best people to prank are cops. Pigs. Po-Po. The boys in blue. You get the point by now right?


Pranking cops is no easy task but the folks at Roman Atwood  have the big, greasy, sweaty balls to pull off these funny pranks. In these particular prank videos, the boys squirt a water bottle on the ground in front of cops so it looks like they are peeing. As one can imagine, the cops get pretty confrontational at first but for the most part, they lighten up once seeing the real deal. Beware though, not all cops are chill like this so you might find yourself on the wrong side of funny pranks Remember, don’t  drop the soap in jail.



  1. “Frozen Grand Central” - Improv Everywhere


Remember those weird improv kids from school? You know, the ones that hung out in the theater classes doing strange skits you thought were “nerdy” at the time. Well, those improv kids grew up into improv adults and it turns out they are cooler than ever. Take these funny pranks in Grand Central for example.


In highly organized prank videos, comedy group Improv Everywhere amassed hundreds of actors to suddenly freeze in place at New York’s busiest transportation hub, Grand Central Station. Right on cue, the actors stopped what they were doing as onlookers crowded around in disbelief. After several minutes, they resumed movement as if nothing ever happened. It’s prank videos like these that showcase the power of numbers and transform everyday life into a surreal experience.


  1. “Drive Thru Invisible Prank” - Magic of Rahat

Sometimes, when approaching a fast food restaurant, employees already treat you like ghosts. They barely acknowledge your existence and purposely screw up your order of fries because they’re upset with their own pathetic existence.


Well now, it’s time for al little revenge through funny pranks. In these prank videos Magic of Rahat disguises himself as a car seat. Yes, as a car seat. Hence, giving the illusion of no one in the car. Upon pulling up to the drive-thru window for an order, you could say employees are thoroughly freaked out. Well, that’s what you get for working a minimum wage job and treating all your customers like complete crap. We know you heard our order for extra special sauce and no pickles, but you forgot anyway. Lesson learned: go to college or get be the target of funny pranks.


  1. “Sexi Bikini Nun” - Just for Laughs Gags

 These prank videos say it all. Imagine a sexy, bikini-clad lady asking you to hold a blanket so shed could change. Of course, you’d be willing to help. But what’s on the other side of the blanket? Certainly not what you’d expect. These funny pranks are harmless but highly effective. Much like the time Uncle Hank slather grease all over your toes.


  1. “Mario Kart” - NQTV/Remi Gaillard


Injesting mushrooms, magic stars and throwing banana peels are best left for the video games, right? Wrong. In this prank, Remi Gaillard brings Mario Kart to reality with his funny pranks.. This particular one has him cruising through the streets, tossing slippery bananas at ongoing “racers”. Unfortunately, no one died in the process but it would have made for a hilarious funny prank. Maybe for future prank videos.


  1. “Girlfriend Caught Cheating Prank” - Prank vs. Prank


You think your girlfriend is mean? Sure, she might have pissed all over your N64 games and sold your dog to the neighbor for pizza money but at least she never fake cheated on you. We touched on this bit earlier on but now, we get to see in in the flesh with funny pranks.


To sum it up, one evil girlfriend sets up an elaborate prank for her soon to arrive boyfriend. With the necessary clues in place and a fake dummy in bed, the exhausted boyfriend arrives and he is not happy. Without giving too much away, it’s safe to say that “man” was in for a harsh beating by the current boyfriend. It’s prank videos like these that really mess with the psyche. This is the future of prank videos. Who know just how far people will take it in the coming years.