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two prankers

The first question everyone asks, "Is this real?"  WTF sort of question is that?  Yes, we make real products, and take real money, and they really do what we say they do!  From the first day we launched our Facebook Profile Page, we got the following review: "From what I have smelled they are the most accurate scents I may have ever smelled. Uncanny. I figure I shouldn't ask how these scents were made.." -James T.

So how'd we get started?  First of all, that's me on the right, Tyler Ward.  

My brother, Mark Ward (on the left),  came up with the idea.  He was really cool about letting me run with it.  You see, Mark is a real joker, and one day, we were talking about pranks and practical jokes.  Mark, being funnier than I am, came up with the idea of making candles that start out smelling great and then turned into horrible and unbearable scents and aromas (think farts, dog shit, throw up, stank breath, dirty socks, etc.).  It sort of ended there as a memorable joke but didn't pick up steam or traction until I realized it was actually possible a few years later. 

I've started a few companies, one of which is an internationally distributed natural skin care company called Giddy. Skin care companies and candle companies often cross paths because the only difference between a lip balm and a candle is vegetable oil (candles are just wax and fragrance).  A lot of cosmetic grade scent companies also make candle scents and incense diffusers.  You often run into those companies at skin care shows or while sourcing suppliers online.

Given how often I'm sourcing scents for my skin care company, let's just say I've come across a few suppliers who can make just about any smell.  By any smell, I mean ANY smell.  So, originally it was just a joke over drinks, but it started to look possible after a while.  So, I taught myself how to make candles.  Production stinks (pun fully intended), but past that, the stories make it completely worth it.  We'll keep you in the loop on what's to come.  

In the meantime, you've gotta have somebody you want to prank... right?